All The Boxes Are Packed & Ready To Go



When I started blogging, I didn’t put up anything related to my posts on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page as I didn’t have a clue what to do with the Facebook page. I didn’t have a personal Facebook then and I still don’t till today which is probably why I miss out on a lot of stuff that’s going on in brands’ social media. Not that it matters as I have loads of other stuff to keep my occupied.

It’s taken a long time to garner more than 300 ‘likes’ on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page so much so that I wonder if I should start a beauty box subscription company, am sure I’d get more ‘likes’ in one month than I can get in one year for the blog.

Be that as it may, I just want to thank all those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page. In appreciation, I have 3 beauty boxes that contain 10 items each inclusive of a spa voucher. Each box is unique and although there may be some  similar samples in them, courtesy of Melvita, they have a mix of bodycare, skincare and make-up products. There are 6 full-size products in each box. All 3 boxes contain MAC products. There are premium and drugstore products in every box.

So, if you have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook, please join this Giveaway by :-

1. Commenting on what Juniper’s Journal’s posts you most like reading and why you like reading those posts, e.g. skincare reviews or updates on new beauty products or any other posts.

2. If you win one of the beauty boxes, please post a photo of the contents on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook Wall when you receive the box so that all may view the contents.

Terms and conditions of the Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway ends on Tuesday 11th June 2013.

2. Prizes will only be sent to those with Malaysian addresses.

3. Any winner or winners who fail to respond to the request for their addresses within 48 hours will be disqualified and forfeit their right to the prize and an alternate winner or winners will be selected.

Updated 11th June 2013 – I am adding 2 more prizes to this Giveaway, another box and a bag so there will be five winners for this Giveaway. The box and bag contain products of course although not in the same quantity as the bigger boxes.


Updated 16th June 2013 – Thanks to everyone who participated, I only wish I had enough products to send to all of you. The 3 boxes are going to:-

1. Hazel

2. Princess Neverland

3. Yue Rain

The extra box and bag (last image above) are going to:-

1. Ayna Jalal

2. Xin Yu

Two other participants will be receiving make-up products:-

1. Sarah Liyana

2. Jocy

Would appreciate if you all could share a photo of your prizes on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook Wall.


  1. Whoot! Another giveaway,thank you! 😉

    1. I love reading updates on new beauty products, reviews and the most is sales alert post such as Laneige Holiday Sets, Sephora Holiday Gift Sets etc because I am a sensible shopper hehe, I love beauty products but I love bargain hunting and special offers more :p
    Always keep checking your blog first for that kind of updates usually when festive seasons approaching, you never let me down as far as I remember. Not many bloggers like to spread that kind of news in their blogs, so thank you very much (and my wallet smiles at you).

    2. I am happy to do so!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway !
    1. Actually, to tell you the truth i stumbled upon your blog to read the spoiler about the Fabulous box last year but didn’t know how to comment. Every month, i would be most excited to know the contents of different beauty boxes as i wanted to know the brands that they introduce to subscribers.

    That aside, i actually love Your skincare products review the most as i would know what are the brands brought into Malaysia, the prices and the place to get them. I don’t purchase products blindly now like i did. I have to thank you for all the fabulous reviews that you did so that i don’t have to spend and still don’t get any results even if they are drugstore products. I find it is a must to read your blog daily and know what to purchase for the skin since there are too many skincare now. Your review is really details and short. I personally don’t like too many picture because it is hard to load and your blog review is always just nice. Just enough pictures and the short and sweet reviews make it easier for me to read.

    Sorry for this third love but i LOVE reading your makeup review as well as each of them is so exciting and unique on their own. Even i am terrible in makeup, i love reading those MAC lipstick colours, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder as that make me feel like i am not stuck in my own world and not knowing what is happening with the makeup world. You keep me update with those ^^.i gain a lot of knowledge about makeup from your reading your blog.

    Overall, it is a blog that i will continue to support as i couldn’t find any reasons not to like it at all. Sorry again you mentioned to just give one but i find that i have tooooooooooo many reasons to love it and continue reading them. ^^ Lastly, keep up the good work and Hey, you already have a amazing, phenomenal , irresistible and great beauty boxes giveaway ^^!

  3. I don’t really have any specific posts that I like to read the most. I like reading all of it. I stalk your posts every morning before I start my work, updating myself with all the latest products out there and your posts are of great help in assisting me to choose products that suits me instead of wasting lots of money in trial and error. Simply love your way of writing reviews, straightforward, short and clear. There’s one thing that I hope you could improve though, some photos are quite blurry at times, especially those close ups 🙂
    All in all, I LOVE Juniper’s Journal.

    Fingers crossed, hopefully I win the box! 😀

  4. Hihi, I’m always super excited with giveaways… Who don’t, right? Ok, back to topic :
    I enjoy posts on skincare the most, be it a review or new product launch because I can’t get enough of skincare products. I like skincare so much that I would keep the containers or buy because of the container. I started taking care of my skin after I getadult acne at 21. It’s super embarrassing to still get endless red painful zits at my age and because I’m not so much into makeup coz I’m not good at it, I get my hands on skincare.

  5. 1.I absolutely love reading your skincare reviews the most!Especially on drugstore products! I will spend hours in the drugstore and listing down all the products that capture my attention. And when I get back I’ll simply search your blog for the products to see whats your opinion on it! I have sensitive skin so I’ve often bought products that are too harsh for my skin and making me break out and thats where all my money is wasted on everytime, especially since sensitive skins product are really expensive. But now since I’ve found your blog I’ll never have to spend money on crappy products ever again! Rejoice! Futhermore, you’ll also state the price of the products too so I could save up my money to buy it instead of blindly walking in the store and feeling disappointed I didn’t have enough money! ( You’d be surprised how many times that happens to me! Lol Imma poor student) XD

    You’ll also take pictures of the substance of the product, The foams it makes,you’ll state the consistency of the product,the ingredients presents and whether its oily or not, how it feels on your skin,how much make up it removes and where is the products available at. That’s a high quality review right there! Your skincare reviews is just pack with information and it assure me that the product I’m buying is gonna be worth my money and I wont be dissapointed.

    Also I love it that you always state if the product is sponsored below.The quality of the review will never be compromised even if its sponsored.You still provide honest and candid feedback in all product reviews based on your own experience with the products.

    Junipers Journals have won me over since the very beginning I discovered it.I’ll definitely stick around!

    2. I’ll definitely share the contents of your beauty box to everyone if I’m lucky enough to win it! ^_^

  6. I have been reading your blog for about 1 year plus. Over the year, i realize that you blog a lot of VIEWS : reviews, previews, interviews and overviews!

    For reviews, there are 2 catogaries : skincare and makeup. I particularly like the makeup part because you blog a variety of eyeshadow swatches, that give me some ideas the qualities of the eyeshadow, especially those that are newly launched and from high-end brands. Thus, i can decide my budget which one to invest. Oh yea, sometimes, the beauty boxes reviews also give me an urge to subscribe them.

    For previews, you will always on the tips of the cosmetic field. You share about things that are not yet land on this Bolehland. This good news always create a lot of anticipations in me!

    For interviews, this is the exclusive part of Junipers journal. Because I seldom see interviews in other beauty blogs. But, you did it quite often. Moreover, you actually interviewed the interviewees. So sometimes, this also contributes some thoughts in me on how much efforts actually been done for us to have such fine beauty products.

    For overviews, this is mainly directed to the events and workshops that you attended. To be honest, this part will only make me jelly over you, because you got the so many special invites to those events and workshops! But still i enjoy reading them!

    So *long gaspssss*, the above are the reasons why i love reading your beauty journals. I love all the VIEWS, can’t actually point out any particular post that i like.

    Hope you will continue to share with us with more VIEWS! =)

    Btw, thanks for the giveaways!


  7. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog for around half a year. In fact, I’m a chemical engineering student and I really have strong and irrestitable interest in skin care and make up field. However, I couldn’t find any friend around me who can share this topic with me. Whenever I mention about skin care and make up, they will always give comments like “We engineers are not going to doll up prettily and work in the oil plant.” I really wish to find someone who I can chit chat with on the latest make up products, how to choose best skin care products and etc. My life is so boring until I bumped into this blog. Reading your blog is somehow as if I have found myself a friend, a virtual friend who always tell me what is good to your skin and how to make up. I have been reading your blog but too shy to comment. I feel shy to ask you questions. But somehow when I first commented on your post, I receive very kind reply from you. Starting from that, I have a strong sense of belongings to this blog. I love to read about reviews on skin care and make up products. I’m still a student and I’m not rich. I couldn’t afford to buy some products and then find that they don’t suit my skin. So I really enjoy to see you testing on the products. I love to see how the lipsticks and eyeshadows look like on your skin, so that I have a better knowledge prior buying them. Being influenced by your blog, I also started to blog about some reviews on skin care and make up products that I have tried. As a feedback to the community, I hope that my reviews will somehow help those who need to read reviews before buying like what I always do. Frankly speaking, your reviews on the products will straightly affect my decision on my purchases.

    I like your blog because you reviews all kind of brands, from drugstore to counter brands. This is what I like the most. Sometime I can’t afford certain brands, but it’s good for me to know about their new products. For me, it’s like high-end brands are not that unreachable to me haha.

    Thank you for being my virtual friend for so long. Your blog is my best medicine whenever I’m stressed with my studies. Thank you so much for the posts all the time.

    Also, thank you for having this giveaway. It gives me a chance to write a short letter to you haha 😀

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  8. I’m a fan of your blog for more than a year now, and I love the fact that you always up to date with the latest beauty finds which I mostly overlook =) I love makeup more than anything, and I heart that your makeup posts are always so fast and furious in updating me with the beauty trends and launch,I do have to keep up with tons of beauty magazines when I read your blog, thank you for the updates & giveaways!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the latest Bobbi Brown collection you just blogged about, wink2

  9. I’m a fan of your blog for more than a year now, and I love the fact that you always up to date with the latest beauty finds which I mostly overlook =) I love makeup more than anything, and I heart that your makeup posts are always so fast and furious in updating me with the beauty trends and launches,I don’t have to keep up with tons of beauty magazines when I read your blog, thank you so much for the updates & giveaways!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the latest Bobbi Brown collection you just blogged about, wink2

  10. Wow! So many giveaways! My favorite post was the ” introducing stila holiday 2012 collection” in nov 2012 because I was searching online for sephora’s holiday collection but to my dismay, no beauty blogs have posted anything about the collection. I was desperate to get my hands on some gifts for some friends as I know sephora’s holiday sets are really worth the money and they sell out really fast! The post really saved me a lot of trouble as I did not need to step into sephora’s to get a close look of the product as the pictures here were enough for me to make up my mind and all I needs to do was to step into sephora and grab what I see in this blog! What I like most is that juniper journal gets information on the latest beauty product before they are officially released into the market. This type of information really helps consumers like us to make the right decision before splurging our money!

  11. Ever since my bff recommended Juniper’s Journal to me at the beginning of this year,I started reading some posts by Juniper’s Journal about skincare reviews and also the latest events such as this anticipating Beauty Box Giveaway. I enjoy reading those posts as they have indirectly inculcated vast sea of knowledge about skincare, information of skincare products and their benefits to different skin types to me. I get to know many products which I have never even heard before and realize that how much impact they may leave on me when I have chosen the right one. After reading those reviews, I have more choices now when selecting skincare products instead of merely stick to the few brands which I used to know. Thanks a lot!^^

  12. Hi, my most like reading of your posts would be the updates on new products. I personally think that reading your Facebook postings and blog postings are the channels for quick updates on what’s new in the Malaysia market. With the updates, I get to know more potential beauty brands and share it with my family and friends. I hope that I will win this giveaways as I am a big fan of you and I visit Juniper’s Journal regularly. =) Have a nice day!

  13. waaa!!! so fast all readers entered!!!! Congrats dear!!

    I first stumble into Junipers Journal because she always update on MAC new collection!!! Which I totally totally mad about =p
    Junipers Journal is where you can get updated info on what new in the market and read about it if it’s worth getting it. Well most here are those things that you shouldn’t miss =D
    If you ask me to pin point which one is my fav?? well I like all! Since I’m such a MAC beauty junkie lol! All your post always put a smile on my hectic and stressful day at work.

    Ok I think I should stop here or else my comment will be a long one =p

    Cheers and have a nice day!

  14. I very much enjoyed reading your blog, it is interesting and often surprising! Same as you, I started spending on cosmetics way into my 20s. The drugstore is where I began my love affair with make-up and I still continue purchase beauty products there, brands like Revlon, L’oreal and Maybelline.

    Ever since I’ve started to read “beauty blog” then I know I have been spending too much money than necessary on beauty stuff. While I browsing this site, “drugstore brands” this label caught my attention at the first time. I found a lot of drugstore product reviews that I am not aware of. I love reading make up reviews as well, one of the most obvious benefits is the fact I get the chance to read about what your personal thoughts and actual experiences have been, and detailed information about a product’s pros, cons and other useful insight, which help make my decision as which items are worth to try.

    Thus, when i see something new on the rack, I’ll go search and read the review first. I don’t want to keep buying stuff and end up not using them again, even they are affordable. Such a waste. The drugstore reviews are great and useful for reader like me who looking to buy quality products on a tight budget. It really saves me a lot of trouble in the long run.

    The fact you cover all topics with a good balance, don’t overload your blog with high end products at all. I enjoy reading it too, even if I am not all that interested in the particular brand or product being talked about, but just stay up to date.

    Overall a really great beauty blog! Thanks for takes a lot of effort and hard work to keep this blog up and running. Lastly, thanks for this awesome giveaway! ^_^

  15. Wow~ Thanks Corinne for adding 2 more prizes and selecting me as one of lucky winners! I really didn’t expected that and I’m very happy to have been selected!Hehe~ looking forward for more beauty updates from you!