Agnesia Olederm Mild Cleanser Soap



Agnesia is a brand that most of us would have heard of because of their Antiseptic Dusting Powder, so distinctive in its red tin with the white cap. This is one of the products I remember being applied on me during my childhood for my prickly heat problem. Of course it isn’t just for kids, adults also use it to absorb sweat.

Anyway Agnesia has more than just the Antiseptic Dusting Powder as they also have soaps for skin problems. Agnesia Olederm Mild Cleanser Soap is a mild cleanser specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin. It helps reduce dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It is suitable for eczema skins.


Olederm Mild Cleanser Soap contains Liquid Paraffin BP 7.5% (contains emollient and non-stripping to skin). It also contains high palm noodle which is smooth in texture and non-drying to skin. Light liquid paraffin is an emollient that promotes rehydration of skin and skin suppleness. The benefits of this soap is :-

  • it provides effective and long-lasting hydration
  • it leaves a thin layer of protective film on the skin which prevents water loss, rehydrating skin & helps prevent further dryness
  • it is composed of high molecular weight fatty acids which minimizes skin irritation

Those with dry/sensitive skins should try this soap as I find it very gentle and it’s good for hydrating skin. The soap has a very pleasant floral scent but it’s not a strong scent. I like this soap as it doesn’t make my skin dry after my shower. Agnesia Olederm Mild Cleanser Soap retails at RM9.90/100g.


Thanks to Apex Pharmacy, I have 20 x 15g samples for 10 people so each person who leaves a comment will be receiving 2 x 15g samples. Please comment on:-

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  1. I would like a sample of this mild soap to try and see if it’s suitable for me and my baby as we both have eczema. I’ve tried some body cleansers for sensitive and eczema skin but somehow I find it drying or didn’t like the strong scent.

  2. Thank you for your generosity :). Since I have sensitive skin it is a good oppurtunity for me to tried it first whether it suitable for my skin. The price is very reasonable since most of sensitive skin soap at higher price than this one.

  3. Dear Juniper,

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!! There are more and more interesting soap products nowadays and to my surprise, they work better than I expected. I have never tried this brand before and would like to try it out!

  4. Hi, thanks for wonderful giveaway again! I would like to try it out as my skin become quite dry recently as I stay in air-cond room for long period. Plus, I love soap with pleasant smell. 🙂

  5. i have always been facing psoriasis problem on and off. i have tried on so many body soaps, shampoos and lotion but nothing seems to solve the problem. i want to give this a try and i hope this could be the solution. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My son has a few skin conditions very dry and itchy skin because of eczema
    Have tried a lot of brands but he still is itchy and redness on skin appears off and on
    I would like to try this soap as it might help him
    Nothing would be better to see him not itching and his irritated skin
    Thanks for the giveaway

  7. It would be a great opportunity to try on this mild soap, especially for my sister who has eczema problem. Hope that this soap is effective in helping her out for her skin problem. =D

  8. I have very sensitive skin and not all soaps suit me I would definately like to try this one
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  9. Thanks Juniper,
    I would like to try Agnesia Olederm Mild Cleanser Soap samples to find if it is suitable for my sensitive skin. I couldn’t use soap because most soap makes my skin too dry and flaky or patches of dryness would just appear on me.