The Latest In Whitening From Kiehl’s


Kiehl’s has extended its Ultimate White range by introducing the latest whitening product, the Activated Whitening Cream. There are currently 7 other products in the Ultimate White Collection which includes the effective and instant brightening Surface Brightening Exfoliator which is a Kiehl’s bestseller.

While many may find whitening skincare drying, the Activated Whitening Cream promises 24-hour hydration as it contains skin-nourishing ingredients, squalane and glycerin. Squalane is a high quality moisturizing oil which is derived from the olive and it’s been found to be extremely compatible with the skin’s natural oils while glycerin is known for its ability to absorb moisture from the air and hold it, maintaining skin’s moisture.

It’s formulated with a “Triple Vitamin System”, Vitamin C, B8 & B3. This system works to slow down the appearance of dark spots and evens overall skin tone. According to Dr. Sherry Hsuing, Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist, “Fine lines and wrinkles are not the first signs of aging, irregular pigmentation is.”

The Activated Whitening Cream is 50ml/RM165.