Sulwhasoo Facial Spa Available At All Sulwhasoo Counters in Malaysia


There are lots of facials to choose from counter brands and it’s often hard to find a facial that stands out from the rest but some time ago, when I read about the rituals of the Sulwhasoo Facial Spa, I was intrigued as it seems quite different from the average facial. Sulwhasoo offers a whole new level of relaxation and pampering with the opening of their Facial Spa at all Sulwhasoo counters.

Sulwhasoo applied the practice of “Harmony & Balance” and modernity in its spa, in line with the brand’s philosophy of balancing between traditional and modern concepts. “Harmony & Balance” refers to the unity of nature and people, harmony of mind and coexistence of tradition and science.

Due to environmental factors and stress, the skin becomes imbalanced – dry or oily, with wrinkles or blemishes. Sang-Seng restores all these imbalances to its natural health by balancing Jeong (elements), Gi (energy) and Shin (spirit) in the body. All Sulwhasoo products have minerals and nutrients which strengthens the Jeong in the skin while the therapist’s expertise and touch brings warm Gi to the body, enabling the skin’s Shin to be at its best form. To incorporate Jeong and Gi, the body and mind must be in harmony. The spacious and relaxing atmosphere at the Sulwhasoo Spa creates an ideal environment for the elements and building up the Shin in the body.


All treatments at the spa will begin with a ceremony called Sulwhajeong, where the spa guest gets to select a scent of their choice from the four scents i.e. pine (to relieve stress), aloes wood (for concentration), sandalwood (for insomnia) and prunus mume (for relaxation). The therapist will then incorporate the chosen scent to a dry cloth for a face massage to wake up the senses. This encourages Gi to the body, enhancing the body’s immunity, breathing and lymphatic circulation to boost the detoxification and recovery of the skin. This concept is originated from the Joseon Dynasty and has been practiced by Korean royal families.

First Care Massage

The treatment is followed by the First Care Massage using Sulwhasoo’s signature skincare booster, the First Care Activating Serum. The deep penetration process of the First Care Activating Serum into the layers of the skin using energy from the hands opens the waterway of your skin. This marks the start of Sulwhasoo’s facial treatment.

The traditional herbal formula in the First Care Activating Serum penetrates the skin with a massage and restores the moisture balance of the skin to solidify its foundation so that it is ready for the massage and treatment program that follows.

Sulwhasoo will introduce 3 Signature Facial Treatments starting June 2014:

Snowise EX Illuminating Facial, 60 mins (RM228)

The Snowise EX Illuminating Facial treats heated and dull skin from within to restore radiant complexion through its 3-Dimensional Whitening Solution and signature massage techniques. In Korean medicine, heat creates toxic in the body that causes inflammation. The heat that is trapped in the body also impacts the skin causing uneven skintone, dull and dark complexion, pigmentation and skin dryness.

The Snowise EX range contains three key ingredients with each targeting at the three heat sources i.e UV, Infrared and aging. They are the White Ginseng Saponin which helps brighten up skin’s complexion and lighten age spots as well as blemishes caused by the UV light; White Cloud Grass that treats heat caused by Infrared as well as reduces yellowness and redness on the skin which is caused by heat; and the White Ginseng Polysaccharides which promotes translucency of the skin, helps form quality skin collagen and counters the effects of aging skin. These three ingredients are used in Sulwhasoo’s patented formulation known as the Snowise Tri-White Complex™.

Concentrated Ginseng Nourishing Facial, 60 mins (RM288)

Concentrated Ginseng Nourishing Facial

This is a balancing therapy using Sulwhasoo’s signature Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream and jade ring to supply ample nutrition to the skin. Sulwhasoo was among the first cosmetic brands to discover the benefits of Korean Ginseng on the skin which led to the development of skincare products containing Ginseng ingredient. The Concentrated Line, formulated with Korean Ginseng facilitates body metabolism with warm energy that offers excellent anti-aging effects by improving the skin immunity level.

Traditional tool : Jade Ring – Cool Energy of Minerals

A jade ring is used as a tool in the facial massage along with the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream. Mineral-enriched jade awakens skin cells, replenishes energy into the skin, increases blood circulation, and aids the release of impurities. Jade with cool energy interacts synergistically with the warm energy of ginseng to maximise treatment effects. According to an encyclopedia of medical knowledge (Donguibogam) and treatment techniques compiled in Korea in 1613, jade is known as a medical stone.

Timetreasure Rejuvenating Facial, 60mins (RM388)

Timetreasure Rejuvenating Facial

This 60 minutes treatment uses Sulwhasoo’s Timetreasure line and amber tools for the restoration of youthful vitality to the skin. The Timetreasure line is a premium Korean herbal medicinal anti-aging line that transcends time and delivers long-term solutions caused by loss of energy and liveliness, dull complexion and lack of nutrition.

Traditional tool : Amber – Healing Energy

Amber, a rare gemstone made of fossilised pine resin, is hailed as one of the seven healing gems. It soothes the internal organs and calms the mind. Red pine oil is used hand-in-hand with amber as an anti-aging process while nourishing the skin. The usage of Amber in this treatment enhances the efficacy of the Timetreasure line.

Sulwhasoo Facial Spa will be available at all counters in Malaysia: Parkson Pavilion KL, Parkson 1 Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang.