SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch



I really should check my stash more often because I went and bought the SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch when I have 2 other brands’ acne patches waiting to be reviewed. I had this stubborn acne spot which didn’t go away overnight despite applying a treatment. I think that was my *facepalm* moment when I came back with this box of SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch purchased from Watsons only to find the other acne patches unopened. What was I thinking? *DUH*!!

SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch comes in 2 sizes, both round-shaped

Anyway the SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch is a Korean brand from the same people who brought us those Disney masks named Don’t Worry Masks. There are 12 clear acne masks in this box priced at RM6.90 in 2 sizes. I used the smaller sized one.

befor acne patch

acne patch on

after acne patch

It doesn’t adhere that well in extreme humidity. I was sweating away and could feel the patch had migrated south so I had to re-adhere. As it contains salicylic acid, the longer I had it on, the drier the spot became. It’s recommended for 8-12 hours wear.

After 8 hours, there is a marked difference. Spot is still noticeable but has reduced in size and redness. It works! This is the 1st time I am trying out an acne patch and it won’t be the last time but *touch wood* – that doesn’t mean I want to have more acne!


  1. cheap and good huh… this review comes perfectly in time. gonna rush out to get one box during lunch later. I have one stubborn acne that refused to go away for daysssss… thanks for the review!

  2. I’ve just gotten this yesterday. Reduced pain and the pimple “matured” faster in just one night. The patch didn’t ‘migrate’ to anywhere, stayed on for almost 24 hours. The clear patch appeared almost invisible, unless up close. Very useful for make up. One down side, never use on pus-filled pimple. I broke the pus-filled pimple at my jawline when I was tearing the patch off >.< I hope there'll be no scar.

    • Ah yes, a mistake to use on pus filled pimple but at least we both know this patch works. It won’t “migrate” unless you are sweating profusely.