NEW Melvita Bio-Essence Naturalift Products



Previously introduced in August 2014, there were just 3 products in Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Naturalift range – the Youthful Day Cream, Youthful Night Cream and Youthful Eye Contour. Next month, 2 more products will be available in this range – the Organic Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water and Organic Youthful Serum.

Melvita Bio-Essence Naturalift Products Help Fight Inflamm-Ageing

To fight the effects of inflamm-ageing (skin is weakened and finds it hard to regenerate, it becomes tired, gradually loses its firmness and wrinkles start to appear), Melvita called on the vital forces of nature and explored the very heart of the native cells of buds, pulsating with life. Just one of these cells contains all the information required to reproduce the entire plant. By selecting and combining organic buds bursting with vitality, Melvita has developed a patented* complex that replenishes the skin and strengthens its natural defence mechanisms.

* Patent pending in France

Beech, pine, blackcurrant and raspberry plant extracts work together to strengthen the skin’s natural defences and help it to resist oxidation.

Step 1: TONE

Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water 100ml, RM98 NEW

Enriched with Melvita’s patented bud complex and naturally derived hyaluronic acid, this pre-care gel water visibly smoothes and firms. It prepares skin perfectly for the products that follow and leaves it soft, hydrated and plumped

Step 2: TREAT

Youthful Serum 30ml, RM240 NEW

A light and fluid gel texture enriched with natural hyaluronic acid and rye extract, this serum both hydrates and helps restore elasticity.

The Youthful Serum can be applied before your day or night cream for an instant feeling of softness and freshness. Enriched with natural hyaluronic acid and rye extract, this serum both hydrates and helps restore elasticity. The bud complex replenishes the skin, which seems to look even younger, thanks to the smoothing effect of hibiscus extract and tightening effect of oat extract.


Youthful Day Cream 40ml, RM208

This formula offers the protective and firming action of the bud complex, to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains shea butter, to nourish the skin. The combination of rye, oat and hibiscus redefine facial contours.

Youthful Night Cream 40ml, RM225

The rich texture of this cream sinks gently into the skin, to nourish and moisturize throughout the night. In addition to the firming and protective action of the bud complex, which smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, this formula also contains nourishing shea butter, as well as evening primrose oil, known to help prevent skin ageing.

Step 4: EYE

Youthful Eye Contour 15ml, RM170

Formulated with the firming and protective bud complex, this eye cream is enriched with plankton – known for its draining properties, which help to reduce dark circles. It also contains rice powder, for a delicate powdery finish. Rye, oat and hibiscus provide complementary action, filling out wrinkles and fine lines. Immediately, the eye area is smoother.

I just collected the products for review so will let you know how they treat my skin asap!