Shu Uemura Makeup Workshop By Anton (International Atelier) From Taiwan



There were 2 sessions of the Shu Uemura Makeup Workshop by Anton, Shu’s International Atelier from Taiwan today. I went for the earlier one which started after 11 am. Just curious about what tips he has. Since I am not among their privileged members of the media, I have to join the consumers.

Anton recommends using 2 foundation textures, this is the trend in Taiwan. Liquid foundation creates a matte complexion while cushion foundations create a dewy/glow look. Start applying foundation from the sides of the face for a less cakey appearance, use less product at the centre.

Brows are important, Anton used the Hard Formula Naginata : The Iconic Pencil on the model. This was also the pencil used on my brows during my 3D Brow Styling session on Tuesday. This has to be the brand’s most famous brow product as it releases color pigments when it  interacts with the oils in the  brow hairs. The result is a  natural, defined brow look, priced at RM90.

Start drawing brows from the arch for a more 3D effect. Arched brows will give you a more feminine, lifted look compared to a straight brow. Anton used 2 lipsticks shades on the model with the darker shade in the middle of lips. This makes lips look fuller and more pouty.

This will probably be my last Shu Uemura experience of the year. Will never get invited to any of their media events so will only attend their complimentary consumer events like this.