Shu Uemura Launches New Eyeshadows & Blushers

Shu Uemura launched its new eyeshadows and blushers at MidValley’s Centre Court today. The eyeshadows are in pearl, matte, metallic, iridescent and glitter textures and do not come in casings. Instead, the customer has to purchase palettes a la Inglot’s Freedom System.


All the eyeshadows have that “WOW” factor, even the mattes. I was gobsmacked when I swatched some of the colours as the textures are much improved from their predecessors. Colour pay-off is excellent and the majority of colours are astonishingly beautiful. The eyeshadows are divided into 5 categories (15 shades in each category except for Line (dark) with 10 shades), namely:-


(1) Accent (vivid/glitter) – the yellows are matte but incredibly bright and unlike most mattes I’ve seen;


(2) Define (medium) – some lovely pastel purples here;


(3) Highlight (light) –  some of the best highlight colours I’ve seen are in here;


(4) Base colour (soft) – gorgeous teals and light blues as well as other pastels; and


(5) Line (dark) – eyeliner colours which are intensely dark.

Whether you are looking for highly pigmented, metallic, glittery or matte eyeshadows, there’s something for everyone in the collection of 58 eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are now RM60 (previously RM65 with flimsy casings) but the amount of eyeshadow is now reduced to 1.4g (previously 2.1g, what a huge difference!). 2 shadow refillable palettes cost RM28.


The blushers are now RM76 each but I’m not sure whether they are also reduced in amount. There is a promotion at the Shu Boutique in MidValley now where with every purchase of RM100 and above, you get RM10 off your next purchase.