Pellucid+ Eye Spray Refreshes, Hydrates & Repairs Eyes


In collaboration with Defy Media.

A fortnight ago, I came across Pellucid+ at a beauty expo at Mid Valley Convention Centre. Most of us have used eye drops before but I don’t think many have used an eye spray which has more benefits than eye drops.

Pellucid+ Eye Spray is suitable for:

  1. People who like to wear lenses
  2. People who wear lenses for more than 12 hours and have sore, dry, itchy and inflamed eyes.
  3. People who face too much screen causing dry eyes.
  4. Smartphones addict – people who work as e-commerce, live broadcast celebrities will hardly stay away from their phones, especially during peak seasons or when order hits. They will be busy replying to messages and thus causing dry, swollen, tired and inflamed eyes due to facing too much screen time.
  5. People who always stay up late, work overtime, stay up late to watch dramas, have dark circles, and those with eye bags need Pellucid to prevent the eyes from ageing fast.
  6. Eye diseases – Pellucid works well for floaters, cataracts, blurred vision, and glaucoma!
  7. Suitable for people with eye infection and allergy, red, dry eyes and contact lens users.

I sprayed it into 1 eye at first and immediately there was a nice, cooling and comfortable sensation. Yes, it felt better than any eye drops I have ever used. This excellent eye spray utilises ARTechTM (Age Reversal Technology), an anti-ageing technology without chemicals or drugs.

ARTech™ itself when mixed with salt, is able to perform as a self-preservative. Thus, Pellucid Eye Spray does not require any form of preservatives for its 2 years shelf life. ARTech™ is also able to reflect 92% form of Blue-Light. Blue-Light as we know today is a form of energy that damages our cells, mainly from screens of TV, smartphones, household lights, laptops etc. which are always present in this era and unavoidable. With every spray of Pellucid, the protection barrier of the eye is able to reflect the blue light from damaging your eyes for up to 4 hours. So, a basic protection for a healthy screen time is to spray Pellucid every 4 hours.

Pellucid+ Eye Spray retails at RM78/15ml.