MAC Sheen Supreme & Cremeblend Blushers


With so much focus on MAC’s Wonder Woman Collection at the moment, you’d probably overlook the Sheen Supreme lipsticks and Cremeblend blushers also instore now. The Sheen Supreme lipsticks is apparently an improved version of the previous Cremesheen lipsticks and therefore even more moisturising. The Cremeblend blushers are cream textured blushers and they remind me of my first cream blusher (Multi-Blusher) from Clarins.

Sheen Supreme Lipsticks
Cremeblend Blushers

Sheen Supreme Swatches L to R Behave Yourself, Look At Her!, Gotta Dash!, Insanely Lit!, Ultra Darling, Good To Be Bad, New Temptation, Full Speed, Can’t Get Enough, Supremely Confident

The texture of Sheen Supreme tends to be on the softer side just like Cremesheen so it’s advisable to keep these lipsticks in cool storage otherwise you might find they break easily. I experienced that with Cremesheen but they were indeed more moisturising than other textures such as Frost and Lustre.

You can see from the swatches just how creamy the Sheen Supremes are. I tried one of them instore and it feels very comfortable so much so that I don’t need to apply any lip balm prior to application of this lipstick.

I’m quite intrigued by the most nude shade on the far right. I wonder who’d buy this shade? Still, I am sure there is someone out there looking for just this particular shade. All Sheen Supreme lipsticks retail at RM75.

Cremeblend Blusher Swatches Top-Something Special, Tea Petal, So Sweet, So Easy Bottom-Brit Wit, Ladyblush, Posey

There are peach, pink and brown shades among the 6 shades of Cremeblend. The brownish shades can be used for shading like when you want to create a slimmer silhouette but I wouldn’t try it myself without first getting some proper advise from the experts at MAC outlets because shading is tricky.

Cremeblend Blushers give a glowing effect like what you see on the cheeks of famous Hollywood actresses. It’s not a shimmery effect a la Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick Compacts. To make the blusher last longer especially on humid days. apply a layer of Cremeblend and then top off with an application of powder blusher in a complementing shade.

Cremeblend retails at RM75 each.