Chanel Le Blanc


It seems like every beauty brand which has a whitening skincare range is taking it in turns to promote their goods at KLCC’s Centre Court. The first brand to do so a fortnight ago was Estee Lauder (Cyber White Brilliant Cells), last week it was Chanel’s turn to promote Le Blanc.

This Friday (11th March), Clarins will be promoting White Plus HP for a week, then Shiseido takes over on 19th March with White Lucent and finally, on 24th March, it’s Lancome with Blanc Expert. If budget wasn’t an issue, I’d try them all just to compare which gives the fastest results.

Just about every beauty brand that is promoting their whitening skincare has revamped and reformulated the products. Chanel is no different, their whitening skincare (previously called White Essentiel) is now known as Le Blanc. Every whitening skincare product is new except the cleanser and skin renewing pre-lotion (150ml/RM170).

Le Blanc Skincare

The prices for the skincare are:-

(1) Whitening Concentrate (serum) 30ml/RM340

(2) Whitening Moisturising Fluid (for oilier skins) 50ml/RM300

(3) Whitening Moisturising Cream (for drier skins) 50g/RM300

Whitening Fluid Foundation (RM160)

I didn’t try the new liquid and compact foundations but I appreciate that the SPF in these products is 25/PA+++ because most foundations I’ve seen only have SPF15/PA+++ which isn’t enough for me. However, I’d still apply a higher (than 25) SPF sunscreen unless I’m in a real hurry.

Compact Foundation (RM190 with case, refills at RM148)