L’Erbolario 3 Rosa Body Cream


3rosaThe formula of L’Erbolario 3 Rosa Body Cream is based on three “rosy” ingredients, all plant-derived, namely three fluid extracts obtained from Peruvian Pepper pods, with a high toning and stimulating value, Hollyhock and Provence Rose. Other select active ingredients are combined here to offer an emollient, nourishing and sebum-replenishing action, as in the case of Babassu and Camellia oils, supported by Olive Oil with its antiradical properties.

lerIt’s very creamy and nourishing, not thick and sticky. It absorbs into skin very quickly and the texture is really nice as it feels different from most other body lotions I have been using. It offers plenty of intense hydration, provided by trimethylglycine obtained from sugar beet.