Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh


dsc_0581I tried to like Colgate Total but I couldn’t as I found the taste too minty. I have been using Pearl Drops toothpaste for years because although it has mint, it isn’t as strong. Everyone has a favourite toothpaste and for me, I just dislike anything overwhelmingly minty. That’s why I was quite excited to try Colgate Naturals, in particular Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh as it has lemon oil in it.

dsc_0702dsc_0703Even the colour looks fresh and cooling! I liked this as soon as it touched my teeth as it has such a fresh sensation and no hint of mint. This is one toothpaste I would gladly purchase in future as it leaves my mouth smelling great and I love the taste.

Colgate Naturals retails at RM11.90 and RM21.40, for the 120g and 120g twin pack respectively.

Product reviewed is a press sample