Juniper’s Jaunt To International Beauty Expo 2015 : Hakuhodo



Everyone’s favourite brush brand, Hakuhodo of Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan is back in town. This alone is reason enough to make a trip to the International Beauty Expo 2015 happening from now till Tuesday at KL Convention Centre and this time, they are back with more brushes including their top-of-the-line and the red handled brushes which a lot of people asked for last year.

The black handled brushes are still very reasonably priced despite the addition of GST and you can get eyeshadow brushes for under RM50 and if you can have access to Hakuhodo for that kind of price (lower than Singapore, the Hakuhodo ladies tell me), why not?

Hakuhodo is the BEST reason to visit International Beauty Expo 2015



If you are new to Hakuhodo or a make-up beginner, they have 2 sets to choose from so you don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding which individual brushes to pick up. The Ready To Go Kit consists of 3 brushes with special matte gold handles.


The 3 brushes are:-

Duo Fiber Powder Brush worth RM162 (Goat & Synthetic Hair)

Powder & Liquid Brush worth RM122 (Goat & Synthetic Hair)

Eye Shadow Brush worth RM47 (Horse Hair)



The same 3 brushes are also available in black handle version. So if you add them all together, the retail value is RM331 BUT if you pay RM332 (that’s right, it’s RM332 and not RM330 as shown on the sign), you get the special brush pouch with flower print and that is worth RM56. The ladies inform me that this set isn’t available in Singapore and neither is the pouch which snugly fits ALL 3 brushes. This is a must-have and I am not just saying this to recommend. I have purchased it!


Hakuhodo is GREAT value as my friend purchased all these black handle brushes for the unprincely sum of RM400.


I don’t even know when I will have the heart to use my new brushes. I am a brush hoarder after all. I observed something interesting about the service. It’s not that they don’t know any language other than Japanese since I was happily chatting to one of the ladies in my limited Mandarin (hers being better than mine) and another can speak some English but none of them used hard sell or persuasive tactics on any of the customers. If a brand is good enough, people will buy even if the salesperson doesn’t use any sales tactics. This is one of those rare beauty brands which does so well based on its reputation and name alone. Some brushes were already sold out by yesterday and a customer remarked today that they can probably pack up and go home by tomorrow as all their stock was selling so fast!


  1. I fell asleep but managed to finally get here!

    Having used their brushes alongside my regular MAC brushes for a year, I must say that the quality of their brushes are excellent and you definitely will not regret purchasing any of their brushes!

    Even if you are on a budget, their basic series of brushes are worth buying.

    Hope to see those lovely Hakuhodo ladies again next year!