Here’s An Online Hack That Actually Works Much To My Surprise


dsc_7925It’s flea season again at least in my room where my dog sleeps and the cats visit once in a blue moon. I have been getting flea bites on my arms and legs so it’s high time to do something about it. Spraying with a herbal insect repellent didn’t work (not cheap either) and neither did applying insect repellent all over me. I had to Google for a remedy.

One remedy that caught my attention was placing a bowl of dishwashing liquid mixed with water so that fleas would jump into it. Even better if a tea candle was placed next to the bowl as the fleas would be attracted to the light like a moth to a flame, I presume. I didn’t want to light a candle as I might fall asleep and the candle could burn down the house which would be a much bigger problem than flea bites.

I left a bowl of dishwashing liquid next to my bed and went to sleep feeling sceptical that it’d work. However much to my surprise and astonishment, there were a few fleas in the water the next morning. This one certainly works!