‘Halal Cosmetics And Personal Care : In Trend’ Conference



According to Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), there is now a wider choice in the Halal alternative for discerning consumers with more than 100 Malaysian companies producing Halal cosmetics and personal care products in Malaysia.

The ‘Halal Cosmetics And Personal Care : In Trend’ Conference was held at KL Convention Centre today with participating brands such as SimplySiti, Clara and Forest Colour. Malaysia’s strength in this industry is that the products are well regulated by agencies such as JAKIM which operate under Islamic Shariah principles, the Department of Standards and National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau.

An approved Halal product brings with it the merits that it does not contain alcohol, is not tested on animals and does not contain certain non-permissible animal-derived ingredients. They also meet stringent high quality standards that are clinical and hygienic.

During the ‘Halal Cosmetics And Personal Care : In Trend’ Conference, grooming sessions were organized and forums were held to deliberate emerging trends and the latest scenario for Halal cosmetics and personal care products.


Malaysian fashion designer Azura Azwa provided grooming insights while Sendayu Tinggi Holdings Noor Hayati Kamarzaman expertly demonstrated the application of Halal cosmetics. For the first three-quarters of 2015, Halal export for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products stood at RM1.73 billion, contributing 5.5% of Total Halal Export for Malaysia.