Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About MAC Brushes & More!



After my sessions on MAC makeup brushes with Senior Artist, Haritha Shan there were still a lot of questions on my mind which couldn’t be covered in the 2 one hour sessions so I took the liberty of sending my other questions to Haritha via email. I’m sure many of you are also curious about their brushes and wonder which is the right brush for a certain product so hopefully I have got everything covered in these questions.

1. What are MAC’s top 5 best selling brushes in Malaysia?

All our MAC brushes are best sellers.

2. For applying and/or blending powder eye shadows, which is the best brush to use?

#217 Blending Brush For shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

 3. For applying and blending the Mineralize type of eye shadows, which is the best brush to use?

#213 Fluff Brush For application of Mineralize eye shadow . This brush has a thick bundle of fibers arranged in a rounded shape. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules, is best used for blending.

 4. For applying cream eye shadows, e.g. the Paint Pots, which is the best brush to use?

#252 Large Shader Soft but firm bristles for shading with cream products or emollient-based products. This brush has soft, firm fibers arranged in a square shape.

5. For applying hybrid type eye shadow, e.g. the Extra Dimension eye shadows, which is the best brush to use?

#253 Split Fiber All Over Eye Brush Subtle or sizzling, edgy or elegant, this split fibre brush allows you to create the eye look you’re longing for with its signature blend of goat hair & synthetic fibres.

7. For applying MAC’s Pigments or Glitters, which is the best brush to use?

#239 Eye Shader Brush Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibres. It can be used to build intense colour on the eyelid. Perfect for pickup of loose pigments.

8Which is the best brush to use when applying and/or blending eye shadow in the brow bone?

#239 Eye Shader Brush.

 9. Which is the best brush to use when applying and/or blending eye shadow in the crease of the eye?

#224 Tapered Blending Brush For controlled eye shadow application. This brush has soft fibers which taper to form a medium size dome shape, gets placed well on the crease area.

10. For lining the eyelid with a gel type of eye liner, e.g. the Fluidlines, which brush is the best?

#209 Eye Liner Brush, an extra-fine tipped synthetic fibre brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke with which to line the eyes. Use with liquid or cream products.

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11. For creating winged eye look, which is the best brush to use? Any makeup artist tips for drawing the “wings”?

Using #266 Angle Brush, glide on to some Fluidline Blacktrack, start from the inner corner of your eye with a thin line bringing it to centre of the eye and gradually thicker the line, once you reach the edge of the eye you flick the brush upwards to get a wing effect.

12. For applying powder blushes, which brush is the best?

#129    Powder Brush.

13, For applying cream blushes, which brush is the best?

#188 small Duo Fiber Face Brush.

 14. For applying bronzers, e.g. the Pro Longwear Bronzers, which brush would be the best?

#167 SE A full, fluffy, dome-shaped brush of ultra-soft , white natural fibres perfect for the lightweight application and blending of face powders, highlighters and bronzers.

15. For contouring the face, which brush is the best?

#168 for expert application of cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour – the fibres form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled.

16. For applying and/or blending liquid foundation, e.g. Studio Fix Fluid, Pro Longwear Foundation, which is the best brush to use in order to achieve an airbrushed professional finished look?

#187 Duo Fiber brush Use to create soft layers or add textures.

17. For applying and/or blending cream type of tri-blend foundation, e.g. Studio Tech, which brush is the best?

#190Works well with any M·A·C foundation, including Studio Fix and Studio Tech.

18. For applying powder cake foundation, e.g. Studio Fix, Lightful Powder Foundation which is the best?

#182 Buffer Brush  A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair. Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish.

19. For applying and/or blending gel based foundation, e.g. Studio Sculpt SPF Foundation, which brush is the best?

#130 Short Duo Fiber Brush is easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products.

20. For applying and/or blending concealer to the under eye areas, which brush should be used?

#195 Concealer Brush, a flexible synthetic fibre flat brush with slight pointed tip for precision application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.

21. For applying foundation to the body, e.g. using Mac’s Face & Body Foundation, which brush should be used?

#187 Duo Fiber brush

22. For applying finishing powder to the face generally, e.g. using MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, the MAC Careblend Powders, which brush is he best?

#150 Large Powder Brush Full and dense for dusting loose or pressed powder on face or body.

23. For applying the Pearlmatte Powders, or the MAC Beauty Powders, which brush should be used?

#129 Powder Brush.

 24. For applying MAC’s Luster Drops, Strobe Liquid, Bronzing Oil, which brush would be the best?

#193 Angled Foundation Brush created to achieve a silky, flawless finish.

 25. Which brush is to be used for applying lipstick?

#316  Lip Brush For controlled lipstick  application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibres and a tapered tip.

26. Can you explain the numbering system behind MAC’s makeup brushes?

1’s for Face category

2’s for Eye category

3’s for Lip category

27. How should one care for MAC’s makeup brushes to ensure that they last a long time?

Brush Cleanser. This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer.

28. What are the essential makeup brushes to have for those who are just starting to experiment with makeup?

#187 Duo Fiber brush for foundation and skin care

#129 Powder Brush and blush

#239 Eye Shader for eyeshadow application

#217 Blending Brush for blending eyeshadows

#266 Small Angle Brush for Eye brows and gel liners

29. Could you explain the meaning of the letters SE and SH after the respective brush numbers?

SE = Special EDITION

SH=  Short Handle

30. What are the essentials to look for when choosing makeup brushes?

Trying to figure out which makeup brushes you need to add to, or begin your collection can be daunting at best, especially for someone who is just starting out. With so many brushes available, trying to decide which ones to add to your makeup arsenal can be overwhelming. However, having the correct brushes can make all the difference in the makeup application. I really believe high quality brushes are worth the price.

31. Are MAC’s makeup brushes mostly animal hair or synthetic? Animal hair/sythetic brushes are for which makeup products?

Natural hair is the best and most preferred makeup brush hair type as it is able to deliver and ‘apply’ makeup more effectively. However, the quality of natural hair makeup brushes varies in quality depending on factors such as hair type, type of cuts or harvesting methods used  (virgin, first-cut, second-cut or blunt-cut), climates, etc., which can affect the availability and price.

Synthetic bristles are man-made and are usually either nylon or polyester filaments. They can be created to increase their color-carrying ability by blending fibers. Often, synthetic filaments are dyed and baked to make them softer and more absorbent and are less prone to damage from makeup and solvents. They’re easier to keep clean than natural hair brushes because the filaments don’t trap or absorb pigments, and they’re better suited for layering powders or concealers since they hold up more solidly to makeup. Also, synthetic-fiber brushes are a great fit for people with allergies to Natural Hair.