Dr Jou Beauty Workshop Presented By Dr Jou Chun Hsu


dsc_3231Participants at the Dr Jou Beauty Workshop this afternoon were very fortunate to have in attendance the esteemed founder of Dr Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Masks himself, Dr Jou Chun Hsu who introduced the brand to those who are new to it and explained why he created Dr Jou masks even though his other brand of masks, Dr Morita was already in existence.

There are currently 85 types of masks developed by Dr Jou. Dr Morita masks are the best-selling masks in Asia and I am sure Dr Jou masks are almost as popular as Dr Morita masks. Having used quite a number of Dr Jou masks, I can confirm that they are indeed excellent for hydrating skin. Regular usage of Dr Jou masks will definitely improve skin condition especially if someone has dry skin like me.

Dr Jou attended a conference in Paris and the climate was extremely cold and dry. He found that the Dr Morita masks he’d brought along with him were insufficient to hydrate his skin and had to rely on a cream to properly hydrate skin. As Dr Morita masks could not help in such extreme weather, he decided to develop an even more premium brand of sheet masks and thus Dr Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Masks was created.

Four key words describe Dr Jou masks:





Dr Jou masks contain 6 different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid from Japan. Why the need for 6 different molecular weights? So that the serum (32g in each mask) doesn’t remain on skin surface but is able to penetrate into every layer of skin for better hydration. Squalane is another key ingredient in the masks as it binds well with hyaluronic acid therefore providing optimum hydration.

Dr Jou masks are available exclusively at Watsons outlets and retail at RM36.69 per box of 5 sheets.