Domino’s Pizza Reignites The Joy Of Reunion With Cheese Volcano

Hungry crowds eagerly await their first bite of the delightful New Cheese Volcano goodness, bringing joy to the masses
The launch of Domino’s New Cheese Volcano featured a 10-foot pizza structure, creating anticipation for an explosive flavor eruption

Connecting with family and friends, reuniting over delightful meals and creating moments of joy and togetherness are experiences people cherish. These moments were brought to life as Domino’s Pizza gathered people from all walks of life over the weekend at the bustling Lot 10 in Kuala Lumpur, unveiling its latest creation, the New Cheese Volcano.

Families and friends were delightfully immersed in an interactive setting whereby boxes of the New Cheese Volcano pizza were distributed to pizza fans. For the majority, this marked their first taste of the innovative pizza, making the celebration truly unique and memorable.

Lucky participants also got the chance to snag exclusive ang pao filled with Domino’s vouchers
Hungry crowds eagerly await their first bite of the delightful New Cheese Volcano goodness, bringing joy to the masses

At the heart of the event stood a massive 10-foot cheese volcano pizza structure unlike Kuala Lumpur has ever seen. Onlookers were captivated, eagerly snapping photos of the impressive sight. This colossal masterpiece represented a visual metaphor for the rich, gooey cheesy goodness offered by the New Cheese Volcano.

Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Singapore & Cambodia said, “At Domino’s, we believe in not just delivering pizzas but embracing the special moments that bring people together. We are delighted to host events like this as we welcome all Malaysians to join in the celebration, embodying our enhanced brand promise, ‘It’s All About Giving You More’ – more joy, more fun, and more celebrations. This new pizza experience is more than just a new offering as it brings the element of bonding over a meal together.  We are humbled by the overwhelming turnout of pizza fans, and we look forward to delivering more exceptional experiences!”

The Cheese Volcano is a unique creation that promises an interactive and fun pizza experience. This limited-time offer features a luscious molten cheese centerpiece resembling a volcano, skilfully crafted from a golden pizza crust. This innovative one-of-a-kind pizza invites customers to enjoy the pizza in various exciting ways. With the freedom to dip pizza slices or favorite sides into the rich and flavorful cheese sauce, each bite is enhanced with an eruption of flavors. It takes the meaning of sharing a pizza to a new level of fun. Available in various tempting options, there are three varieties to choose from; Volcano Cheese Beef Pepperoni, Volcano Cheese Chicken Pepperoni and Volcano Cheese aloha Chicken.

Following the festivities, a survey was conducted, revealing that the majority of the respondents rated the Cheese Volcano a perfect 5 for its deliciousness. Impressively, up to 96% of the participants expressed their intention to order the pizza again.

“Our New Cheese Volcano marks an exciting and innovative moment for Domino’s Pizza Malaysia as we unveil a pizza that allows customers to create their own, new pizza experience. Whether you choose to dip your pizza into the luscious cheese sauce or pair it with your favorite sides, this pizza is tailor-made for enjoyment with family and friends. As the upcoming festive period approaches, we are happy to be part of memorable moments to be shared with your loved ones,” she added. Top of Form

Adding to the excitement, lucky participants also got the chance to snag exclusive ang pau filled with Domino’s vouchers. Ang pau of various amounts set the mood for great family bonding for Malaysians to indulge in the spirit of togetherness by redeeming a complimentary Large Cheese Volcano pizza.

The New Cheese Volcano comes in Large and Xtra Large sizes. For greater value, customers can opt for takeaways to enjoy the New Cheese Volcano at an incredible 50%. This offer is available on any day of the week! The all-new limited edition Cheese Volcano range is already available at all Domino’s Pizza stores for a limited time only. Visit Domino’s stores, order online at, or call 1300-888-333 to make an order. To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s new Cheese Volcano range as well as other ongoing promotions, visit