Decleor Prolagene Lift Event Launch & Workshop



When I received an email from Decleor informing me about this event/workshop, I was intrigued. More anti-ageing skincare to check out? Sold. The workshop fee was RM30, fully redeemable against Prolagene Lift products. I guess one is never too young for anti-ageing products so it was a relatively young crowd at the workshop. Well, young compared to me of course. You don’t want to see signs of sagging skin before you start using anti-ageing products. Prevention is better than cure!

Prolagene Lift is a range of 5 products:-

1. Intensive Youth Concentrate

2. Lift & Firm Day Cream – Normal Skin (there’s a dry skin version too)

3. Lift & Brighten Eye Cream

4. Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel

5. Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask


The presenter of this workshop was Perrine Galant, Decleor’s International Trainer all the way from Paris. There’s nothing quite like getting skincare tips from a beauty brand’s International Trainer. For one thing, they pronounce all the names of the products as they should be pronounced so I didn’t have to squirm in my seat listening to someone’s excruciating French. My French is below average but even I know when a certain word is being mispronounced so there was a BIG difference between this workshop and the previous Decleor workshop.

We started with an introduction to the new Prolagene Lift range. Perrine explained that in 1974, Decleor discovered the secret of firmness : L-PROLINE. L-PROLINE combined with a Soy Extract is known as the L-PROLINE Complex, it guarantees an acceleration in the skin restructuring process. This treatment course, concentrated in the L-PROLINE Complex, reactivates the firmness of the skin. The L-PROLINE Complex reactivates collagen synthesis, reorganises, consolidates and tightens the dermal mesh. It acts like a real “cell lift”. Prolagene Lift combines Prolagene Lift with revitalizing Iris  Essential Oil to help to protect the cells to guarantee the skin’s fullness and elasticity. The combination of L-PROLINE Complex & Iris Essential Oil help skin to produce collagen so skin will be younger inside. The range also contains Hyaluronic Acid of high and low molecular weight.


Our door gift was a pouch containing all the skincare we’d need for the hands-on workshop including samples of all the Prolagene Lift products. We started with the cleansing ritual and used the Aroma Cleanse Youth Cleansing Milk to remove make-up and impurities followed by the Aroma Cleanse Youth Lotion which is like a toner. Perrine recommended that the Aroma Cleanse Youth Lotion be used on a wet cotton pad for these reasons : it’s more economical to use it moistened, if used on a dry cotton pad, the pad absorbs the lotion and skin can get irritated if the lotion is poured on to a dry cotton pad.

After cleansing, we used the Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel which is also poured on to a moist cotton pad. This was to be left on skin for 5 minutes. Perrine explained that those with sensitive skins may feel a slight tingling effect. I felt nothing but then I have a thick skin literally and figuratively (you have to develop one in order to survive in the beauty blogging scene fraught with backbiting but I think I will save the elaboration for a rainy day) so all was good for the next 5 minutes. Perrine’s advise to those who feel tingling is to massage the tingling area to soothe.


After the Peeling Gel has been wiped off, it’s on with the Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask which is not to be used all over the face, just on areas of concern e.g. laughter lines, nasolabial/marionette lines, between the eyebrows, forehead, décolleté, even around the eyes. It didn’t cause me any irritations when I used it on the lines around my eyes. It has quite a rich and creamy texture so a little should go a long way. The Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week, same with the Peeling Gel.

To stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins. you can massage in the mask for about 15 seconds but if you have more time, Perrine recommends the GYM LIFT, Decleor’s first anti-ageing facial techniques which takes 5 minutes but can be cut down to 2 minutes if you just want to concentrate on specific areas of your face. The techniques help to lift, firm and shape facial contours. It’s recommended that upward motions be used to apply products on the face and downward motions for the neck. GYM LIFT encompasses 30 movements, designed for different facial zones. The Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask can be left on overnight so that you wake up to plumper skin.


Next we used the AROMESSENCE™ IRIS Rejuvenating Serum which contains iris and geranium essential oil and plant oil of hazelnut. Just 2-3 drops of the serum per application and some of the steps in GYM LIFT as well as pressure point massage can be used during the application process.


While the AROMESSENCE™ IRIS Rejuvenating Serum day and night, there is a richer version of this serum and that’s the AROMESSENCE™ IRIS Rejuvenating Night Balm, comes out quite creamy but when you rub it between your palms, it turns into an oil. It’s extremely concentrated so it’s recommended to be used only at night.


Then it was time to apply the star product of the Prolagene Lift range – the Intensive Youth Concentrate. Perrine informed us that you can expect to see results, i.e. firmer skin (but of course you will have better results if you use the GYM LIFT method of application) within 28 days after which your skin will looks so good, you can put it aside for a few months and use other products but I’d say if you have found a good product, it’s better to keep using it! The Intensive Youth Concentrate is very fluid and runny.


The skin around our eyes is much thinner around our eyes, you only have to pinch your cheeks and then the skin under your eyes to feel the difference. The Lift & Brighten Eye Cream combines a massage applicator with a double-action formula :

  1. Lifting : the L-PROLINE Complex and the “Natural Eye Tech” Peptide help to combat the signs of ageing by re-energising the support fibres and reactivating the microcirculation. It also contains Iris Essential Oil.
  2. Radiance : “Eye Light” Technology combines optical agents with pearlescent particles to brighten dark circles and restore luminosity to the eye area.


The Lift & Firm Day Cream claims to boost firmness by acting on three dimensions :

  1. The L-PROLINE Complex re-energises the fibroblasts, key players in the architecture of the dermis. It reactivates collagen synthesis, reorganises, consolidates and tightens the dermal mesh and provides a real “cell lift”.
  2. Iris Essential Oil helps to protect this dermal structure against glycation : the support fibres are maintained to guarantee the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.
  3. The combination of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids plump up wrinkles from within to boost and prolong the fullness of the skin.

To use the Lift & Firm Day Cream, warm it up between palms to make it more fluid and get it to room temperature.


Overall, this was an informative workshop presented by the best presenter possible from Decleor. Prolagene Lift sounds like the range my skin needs even if I know I’ll never be disciplined enough to use the products together with GYM LIFT on a daily basis.