Cheap & Cheerful : Silkygirl Moisture Gloss


Ever had a makeup emergency where you forgot to bring your lipstick and had to dash to the nearest drugstore to buy a lip product so that you can appear presentable at an event? Well, it happened to me recently and I had to dash into Caring Pharmacy which was the nearest drugstore to my event venue.

There was the usual array of lip products from Maybelline, Revlon, In2It and a brand I have never touched – Silkygirl. I didn’t want to spend more than Rm10 if possible since it’d only be a stop-gap measure. Silkygirl offered the best options as their Moisture Gloss range was only RM9.90.

Most of the Moisture Glosses had “pink” in their names, there was “Pink Glitters”, “Dazzling Pink”, “Sweet Pink”, “Ashley Pink”, “Sugar Pink” and a few others without “pink” in their names. I settled on “Dazzling Pink” which is the darkest of the pinks. I didn’t swatch any of them because I didn’t have a tissue handy.

“Dazzling Pink” is more of a rose shade than pink. In the tube, it looked nicer and more appealing than the other colours. It’s quite pigmented but not very thick. It doesn’t feel sticky or goopy on my lips. It doesn’t transfer much on to cup rims which is plus point.

It is pretty on its own but over any lipstick, it looks even better. The colour pay-off is above average. Even with one layer, the colour shows up in pictures. It isn’t as sheer as I thought it’d be. There is no annoying scent and overall, it’s a decent lip gloss for the price. Staying power is on par with glosses which are pricier.

It is enriched with aloe extracts so it does feel moisturising. It doesn’t state which country it was produced in but I presume it is Thailand? At RM9.90 for 1.8g of product, it is very reasonably priced. I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase if I had another makeup emergency.



  1. Yes, That produce in THAILAND!In the company that i had work! and along with in my project!

    Any comment would you like this fomula improove and i would like to know if the fomula have improove but the price also increased which option you might preferred (I mean this option or improove formula)