DRYOPE Is At Watsons K-Beauty Festa At JioSpace Petaling Jaya

With the lovely Heeram of DRYOPE at Watsons K-Beauty Festa @ JioSpace PJ
With the lovely Haeram of DRYOPE at Watsons K-Beauty Festa @ JioSpace PJ

I had such a fabulous time yesterday afternoon at Watsons K-Beauty Festa happening from now till May 12th. One of the standout brands is DRYOPE which has body wash, shampoo and treatment. Their products have a vegan formula and the name DROPE comes from the Greek goddess who transformed into flowers and trees to protect her family.

After visiting DRYOPE at the K-Beauty Festa, I was impressed with their products and used their Sea Salt Scrub Fresh Mint Scalp Scaler. It has a cool, minty sensation on the scalp which is refreshing and soothing. It foams like a shampoo and offers deep scaling with sea salt and green tea. Its plant derived surfactant with highly enriched micronutrients protect hair, supply nutrition and provide hair elasticity and glossiness.

DRYOPE Sea Salt Scrub
DRYOPE Body Wash and Treatment

It’s really worth your time to visit Watsons K-Beauty Festa @ JioSpace as there are plenty of K Brands and samples to collect. Visit DRYOPE to Spin The Wheel, it’s so fun and exciting!