Bosch Auto Women’s Workshop


dscn99731This morning was rather interesting as I attended Bosch Auto Women’s Workshop at their office in Section 13, PJ. In line with the ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ vehicle safety campaign, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia collaborated with Riding Pink, Malaysia’s first ever women-only ride sharing service, to host the Bosch Auto Women’s Workshop.

Although I have never had to change a tyre myself, I know basic car maintenance such as filling up engine oil, checking battery water (until I changed to a maintenance-free battery recently), windscreen wiper fluid and tyre pressure. According to Ms Denise Tan, Founder of Riding Pink : “Compared to men, women tend to be unfamiliar with basic car maintenance. Less than half have ever changed a tyre, and many said they do not know how to. Men typically have much more experience; with sufficient knowledge, they are less likely to be taken advantage of by service providers. In this day and age, it is important that we look past traditional gender roles and strive for better automotive practices for all.”

Mr Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia in said, “As a holistic automotive solutions provider, we at Bosch understand the struggles faced by female drivers, or any driver regardless of their gender. The workshop is the perfect jumpstart to understanding what goes on under the hood of their cars. This supports Riding Pink’s initiative of empowering women and recognizing them as key decision makers even behind the wheel.”





During the workshop, 40 female participants, around half of which are Riding Pink drivers were taught a basic vehicle maintenance routine, including checks on the engine oil level, brake fluid level, battery life cycle and condition of the wiper blades. Bosch also showcased its comprehensive portfolio of quality automotive aftermarket (AA) products, including wipers, batteries and lubricants.

Ms Elina Ariffin, Riding Pink’s first driver, shared her own experiences behind the wheel and of dealing with car breakdowns. She said, “It is alarming that some drivers do not even know where the basic car necessities like the car jack and spare tyres are. My role today is to help educate my fellow drivers and to prepare themselves for unforeseen circumstances. The effort made by Bosch and Riding Pink is admirable, because we are building a community of advocates for safe mobility in Malaysia.”

Ms Tan concluded by saying: “”Riding Pink was borne from a need to help my fellow women, especially stay-home moms, to earn income while providing female passengers a safe alternative mode of transport. Riding Pink is for women, by women. This workshop could not come at a more opportune time, to work together towards a shared objective: to increase awareness of women in need and to equip and empower them.”