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Last week, I was fortunate to have met MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry, James Molloy but another Director of Artistry was also in the country, namely Bobbi Brown’s Director of Artistry & Education, Asia Pacific, Kai Vinson. This isn’t Kai’s first trip to Malaysia as I remember he conducted a workshop in Kuala Lumpur last year. This time though, the workshop was in Penang and Juniper’s guest reviewer, The Blue Flamingo attended. So if you’d like know some Bobbi Brown skincare and makeup tips from Kai Vinson, the following is very informative and comprehensive. 


Fans of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in Penang were treated to a workshop by Kai Vinson, Bobbi Brown’s Director of Artistry & Education, Asia Pacific, which was held at the G Hotel on the 19th of January, 2013. In spite of his busy schedule, Kai, who was on his way to Thailand in the afternoon, managed to share some of his make-up tips and favourite products with those participants who were fortunate enough to attend.

Kai has many years of experience in the beauty industry has worked closely with Bobbi Brown herself! Kai conducted the first part of the workshop and Carina Choo, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Malaysia’s Education Manager, conducted the second part of the workshop.

The following is Part 1 of the Workshop which was conducted by Kai.


Kai’s Favourite Products

One of Kai’s favourite products is Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil (RM150-00/200ml). It is mineral oil free, gentle on the skin and takes everything off. This Cleansing Oil is Bobbi Brown’s No.1 selling skincare product. Another is Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Gentle Cream Cleanser (RM125-00/100g) which is highly recommended for use in the morning as it helps remove dead skin whereas the Cleansing Oil is to be used at night.

Use an Eye Cream

According to Kai, women often neglect using eye cream. Using eye cream is essential because women often show the very first signs of aging in the eye area. Using an eye cream helps slow down the aging process in the eye area.


In terms of skincare, Bobbi Brown has three different serums, First is the Extra Repair Serum (RM370-00/30ml), which is Kai’s favourite. The other is the Intensive Skin Supplement (RM240-00/30ml) which is rich with Vitamins A, C & E. This skin supplement helps with anti-aging. The Extra Repair Serum is a heavier serum, which is useful for those with dry skin. The other is the Brightening Advanced Serum (50ml) which targets dark spots and discolourations.


In terms of moisturisers, the Bobbi Brown brand also has several types available. Kai’s top three favourites is the Hydrating Gel Cream (RM190-00/50ml), which is for oily skins, the Hydrating Face Cream (RM190/50ml), which is for normal to dry skins as it is heavier. Then there is also the Extra Repair Moisturising Balm (50g) which is Bobbi’s No. 1 selling moisturiser, for the driest of skins.

Use A Sunscreen

Kai also recommends that women always use sunscreen and to choose products which have at least SPF 25, especially here in Malaysia which has a tropical climate.

Choosing the Right Foundation

When it comes to choosing the right shade of foundation, Kai recommends colour matching, which is one of Bobbi’s secrets to having flawless skin. And how does one go about doing that? Firstly it is important to try at least 2-3 different shades of foundation. Find the one which disappears into the skin, by drawing a line from the cheekbone to the jawline. One of Bobbi’s best tips is when you look like you are not wearing any makeup, when in actual fact you are!! Therefore the secret is in getting
the correct colour match!

About Bobbi’s Face Base

One of Kai’s favourite products is the Illuminating Face Base SPF25 (RM160-00/30g) This product comes in a pearl pink shade of colour, and makes skin look glowing and radiant. Bobbi Brown also produces a range of BB Creams with SPF 35 (RM150-00/40ml) which comes in several different shades.


Using Concealers & Correctors

According to Kai, the art of using concealer is one of Bobbi’s secrets to the beauty universe. Using a concealer makes a woman look better, and less tired in her appearance. Therefore choosing a concealer and a corrector is essential, according to Kai. Bobbi’s Creamy Concealers are yellow based (Sold separately, RM95-00/1.4g, sold with setting powder in a kit, Creamy Concealer Kit, RM135-00). Using a Corrector (RM95-00/1.4g) on the other hand, helps gets rid of the dark circles etc. Bobbi’s Correctors are peach or pink based. One of Kai’s tips is to use a concealer brush when applying concealer as you might not get as much coverage if you use your finger.

Applying & Setting Concealers

When applying concealer, Kai’s tip is to apply it only where you need it. In order to add lift to the face, start at the lash line and blend down all the way to the cheekbone. For Asian women, Kai recommends that the concealer be blended down over
the cheek as this gives lift and dimension to the face.


Types of Foundation

According to Kai, Bobbi Brown is most well known for her foundations and there is a wide variety of choices for every woman out there! In terms of the different textures of foundation, liquid foundation looks the most natural. Bobbi also has SPF 15 Tinted Moisturisers (RM150-00/50ml/Oil-Free Version also available) and BB Creams in SPF 35 (RM150-00/40ml). Bobbi’s Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation (13g) and Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15 (6g) are useful in hot and humid climates. As for which one is his favourite, it is Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream! This is because it is a very versatile product. When applying one can use finger or a brush and one can even apply foundation on top of it.

Tips When Applying Foundation

One of Kai’s tips when applying foundation is to start with the nose area and work outwards from there. The most coverage is in the T-Zone area. One of Kai’s best tips here is to work and move the brush in different directions in order to achieve the most sheer coverage over the skin and slowly build coverage in specific areas as required. For quick touch ups, especially in the nose areas, Kai recommends using Bobbi’s Face Touch Up Stick (2.3g).

Kai also recommends that concealer be “set” as this will prevent lines form showing. As to how to “set” concealer, Kai recommends that those with dry skin, to set the under eye areas. For those with oily skin, one should “set” everywhere as needed.

Types of Powders

As for the types of powders, there is no difference between pressed and loose powders. The finishes you get are the same. However, pressed powders are very useful when travelling.


As for blushes, there are powder and cream blushes to choose from in Bobbi’s range of makeup products. If one is frequently on the go, Kai recommends using Bobbi’s Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks (RM90-00/3.8ml) as it is more versatile, but in terms of wear, powder blushes wear really well. When applying Bobbi’s Pot Rouge, Kai recommends that one applies it on the apples of the cheeks, blending it back towards the hairline using fingers. One can also use a foundation brush. One important tip according to Kai, is to bring it high enough on the apples of the cheek.

When applying powder blush, smile so that the apples of the cheek are visible, and to apply the blush on the apples of the cheek in a direction towards the hairline and blend back down.

Bobbi’s Retouching Powders

A new addition for 2013 are Bobbi’s Retouching Powders (RM130-00/4.7g). It is available in 6 colour correcting shades which brighten and evens out skintone and discolourations. According to Kai, the Rose coloured Retouching Powder, when applied on top of powder corrects unevenness in the blush and makes one’s face look amazing!

Lip Colours

In terms of colour matching, blush and lip colour ought to match. In terms of lip colours, Bobbi has a variety of different formulas, rich, hydrating lip shines, matte, creamy matte, metallic and sheer, and the key here to find the correct texture according to your requirements. The sheerer lip colour formulas are especially popular in the summer. As a final step, add lip gloss. A tip from Kai is to apply Bobbi’s Lip Balm (RM80-00/15g) on your lips as part of your skincare routine so that once you reach the stage when you want apply your lipstick or lip colour, your lips will have been prepped and ready!

The Eyes

As for the eyes, Kai recommends using Bobbi’s Long-Wear Cream Shadows (RM90-00/3.5g) as they are multi-purpose and they can also be used as a base to enable shadows to stay on longer. And what is Kai’s favourite colour amongst all the Long-Wear Cream shadows? It is Shore, No. 35.! One of Kai’s tips when applying eye shadows is to look down and to make sure that you bring the colour up high enough. Bobbi’s other best sellers are her Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners (RM85-00/3g), which are now also available in pencil form as Long-Wear Eye Pencils (RM90-00/1.3g).

How to Achieve That J Lo “Glow”

Lastly, in order to achieve that J Lo “glow”, Kai recommends using Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick Compacts (RM160-00/10.3g). They are multi-purpose products as they can not only be used on the cheeks but also individually as eye shadows.

And there you have it, Kai’s tips, techniques and tricks of the trade, step by step, which he demonstrated on a model during the workshop for the participants. Be sure to try them out yourself!

The Blue Flamingo

Many thanks to The Blue Flamingo for such a detailed post on the workshop presented by Kai Vinson and for the images.