My Beauty Find Of January 2019 : Joyful Eyeshadow Palette


dsc_4324There’s nothing like an unexpected beauty find when you least expect it. This is what happened to me this morning at a Watsons outlet. There was the Joyful eyeshadow palette with 12 eyeshadows. It’s a small and compact palette but comes with mirror and dual-ended applicator. I didn’t think it was something I would like but when I swatched it, the eyeshadows were smooth and had excellent colour pay-off.

dsc_4326dsc_4328dsc_4329dsc_4331Basically, this is an everyday palette which will delight anyone who loves neutral eye shades. There are variations of browns and bronzes with a mixture of metallic and matte textures. While some matte eyeshadows have poor colour pay-off, not the ones in this palette.

The most surprising thing about this palette is the price. It’s currently on 20% discount making it just RM29.50. Good price, you think? Further surprise. Watsons members get another 8% rebate. One of the Watsons staff came up to me while I was swatching and informed me that this palette had sold out (apparently only 5 units are allocated per store) and asked me to try the other Watsons outlet within walking distance.

Needless to say, I hurried over to the next Watsons outlet and luckily there were 3 units left. I grabbed one and paid RM27.15 after the 8% rebate had been applied. Still can’t believe the price for such quality!


  1. Hey Juniper, I was browsing Watsons and found the Lucky palette (which I think is the same as the Joyful pallete you reviewed). The metal pigments in this palette blew my mind. You should check it out and review it yourself.

    • Done! I checked out both palettes at the same time but preferred Joyful shades. However the quality of the eyeshadows in BOTH impressed me as much as the price. Truly one of those rare value-for-money moments.