Avene Skin Health Beauty Workshop On Managing Acne And Blemish-Prone Skin


dscn96751Last Saturday afternoon, Avene conducted a Skin Health Beauty Workshop On Acne and Blemish-Prone Skin presented by Dermatologist, Dr. Suganthi Thevarajah at Boulevard Hotel. The focus was on the brand’s Cleanance range, formulated to clarify and soothe acne-prone skin.

Personally, I love Avene skincare for the purity of the thermal spring water. This is the only brand of spring water which is bottled directly from the source and not brought to any factory for bottling. Hence, you can picture how very clean the water is straight from the spray bottle.

Some key points from Dr. Suganthi’s presentation:-

  1. Acne is not a disease but is treatable. It has a psychosocial impact.
  2. Failure to treat results in permanent physical and psychological complications.
  3. Skincare in acne should aim to restore the skin’s barrier.
  4. There is reasonably compelling evidence that high glycemic load diets (high carbs) may exacerbate acne and that includes foods like French Fries, pasta, bread and pasta which increase sebum production. Too much dairy products may make acne worse (yoghurt, ice cream, cheese).
  5. Zinc and Vitamin A re good for improving acne skin condition.
  6. Treatments include benzoyl peroxide (OXY 5 and OXY 10), kills bacteria and decreases inflammation.
  7. Topical retinoids (Vitamin A) in cream form reduces inflammation.
  8. Oral isotretinoin derived from Vitamin A can be dispensed but the downsides are very dry skin and high cholesterol and not advisable for pregnant women as they can have deformed babies.
  9. Oral contraceptives are used, can regulate periods.
  10. Topical therapy for mild acne and systemic for moderate to severe.
  11. Use topical retinoids at night only as they can cause photosensitivity and irritation.