Avene D-Pigment Beauty Workshop



I’ve never passed up the opportunity to attend an Avene workshop because I like their skincare which is gentle yet effective, especially their cleansers. This time, it’s the Avene D-Pigment Beauty Workshop to introduce us to their latest whitening product, D-Pigment.

So what exactly is D-Pigment?



D-Pigment corrects dark spots and evens out skin tone, this is a treatment skincare which you use only on affected areas in the evenings. If you have blemished skin, it’s advisable to wait 7-10 days after skin has returned to normal before using D-Pigment.

Our presenter for this workshop was Ms. Charline Tang who is Avene’s ASEAN Product Manager. She went through the causes of hyperpigmentation/dark spots and explained the 2 types of photo-aging:-

1. Solar lentigo normally arises in middle age caused by exposure to sun, also known as age spots which appear on face and hands.

2. Senile lentigo also known a liver spots, irregularly shaped brownish spots caused by exposure to artificial or UV light.


Other than D-Pigment, people who are concerned with dark spots can use Avene’s Sensitive White range which consists of:-

1. Whitening Lotion – smoothes and prepares skin for application of other Sensitive White products that will optimize their penetration.

2. Whitening Essence – highly concentrated to prevent the appearance of dark spots.

3. Whitening Fluid – milky texture to keep skin moisturized.


Of course, sunscreens are a must everyday otherwise whatever whitening skincare we use is a waste. Avene has a range of sunscreens ranging from SPF30 PA+++ to SPF50+. They also have sunscreen for children SPF50 PA+.


The Very High Protection Tinted Cream SPF50+ is for dry to very dry skin, specially designed as a protective make-up base or the face.  This is water and sweat-resistant.