A Beauty Tool That’s Become Increasingly Indispensable


Ladies & some gentlemen….I’m sure you all do some eyebrow tweezing at home when you can’t have them professionally attended to. Some brands that offer this service are Benefit, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown and Shiseido.

During my much younger days, I had thick, unruly eyebrows but they have been tamed over the years through careful management. I do get them looked at by the professionals but those visits have become more and more infrequent. These days, I tweeze them myself.

A few months ago along came this useful tool – Sephora precision light-up tweezers by la-tweezWhy would I need a light-up tweezer? Would it make a difference? Was it really necessary? The tweezer is stainless steel and the box contains a few components – the tweezer itself, a metal case with a mirror and a cover so that you can tuck it all into your handbag should you want to.

The first time I used it (so easy to switch the light on and off by pressing the tiny button on the tweezer) I realised how much easier it was to tweeze my hairs even in broad daylight with the aid of the light. I could see the small and fine hairs much more clearly.

The angle of the tweezer tips is perfect to grab on to even the finest hairs. I can’t ever go back to using a conventional tweezer after this. This is my essential beauty tool now and I’ve got to have this around forever. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way once you’ve used this.

Available exclusively at Sephora at RM79. La-tweez has many more types of tweezers and beauty tools which make grooming much easier and less stressful.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.