Guest Review : ZA Cosmetics Spring 2012


There are some new products from ZA Cosmetics this spring. I have seen and swatched the eyeshadow palettes at drugstores and they are generally on the pale/light side. If you like sheer eyeshadows, then these are for you because it does take some effort to get them to show. Check out the new blushers and lipsticks too. Fatin reviews an eyeshadow palette, blush and lipstick here.

For me, ZA Cosmetics are made for the fairer skin tone. Its Spring 2012 Collection is suitable for just that, the fairer skin tone. This collection is inspired by a candied coloured summer.

It has 4 Eyes Groovy palettes which consists of four complementary shades. It is said to be crease and smudge proof. To give cheeks a pop of color, Cheeks Groovy comes in 5 shades. To complete the look, add colour to your lips with Plumper Lips.

I have Eyes Groovy in White Illuminator (02). This pastel shade is supposed to make eyes stand out. It comes with a ‘How To’ instruction on the back of the packaging. I let out a silent gasp when I took this out of the packaging. There was no way the colours were going to show on me. Needless to say, swatching it was a real task. I was swirling into each colour for the longest time for me to get the shades to show in photos.

The texture is not exactly in the fine category. It’s not at all pigmented hence making the colour to show was a tough one. I tried doing a simple look on my eyes with the pastel green and the shimmery black to line but the colour didn’t show. It appeared white on my lids. Mind you I was wearing a base. I can’t say whether it’s long wearing or smudge proof because I didn’t go out the door with it. *shakes head*

I didn’t have much luck with Cheeks Groovy in Pink Petal (02) either. The far from fine texture made it tough to swatch and it required a lot of layering for it to show on my cheeks.

I’m hoping better luck with Plumper Lips. It contains moisture rich collagen with “Plump-up Pearl” with light-diffusing effect, makes your lips look plump and smooth. Ruby Rich is something to talk about. After the disappointment with eyes and cheek, I was surprised with the lip colour. It has good colour pay off and is decently pigmented. It’s also quite moisturising and lasts as long as I didn’t eat anything.

ZA Cosmetics Spring 2012 is available now at major pharmacies and retailers. To find out more about ZA Cosmetics Spring 2012 Collection check out their official site.

Eyes Groovy Palette retails at RM39.90, Cheeks Groovy retails at RM36.90 and Plumper Lips at RM29.90. They are occasionally available at 10% discount.

Fatin’s note : Products provided by Juniper’s Journal.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for the images and review. Products have been provided by Shiseido Malaysia’s PR.