Yves Rocher Launches Elixir 7.9

Elixir 7.9

Last week, Yves Rocher launched its latest anti-aging skincare product, Elixir 7.9. Why is it known as Elixir 7.9, one may ask. Well, it contains 7 powerful active botanical extracts and there are 9 anti aging patents.

This serum in a little green plastic bottle with a silver cap promises to re-activate skin’s natural rejuvenating functions in just 30 days and to double the re-activating effects of skin. It addresses and arrests the many factors of aging caused by environmental effects, chronology and biological effects.

Ms Armelle Nguyen Than, Director of Marketing, Yves Rocher-Asia Zone

The serum is dispensed via a dropper attached to the cap but I seem to have some problems getting it to dispense again after the first drop. You have to press the bottle cap in order to fill up the dropper.  Sometimes the second drop cannot be dispensed and I do need more than one drop for my entire face and neck.

Other than the minor problem above (I can just use the dispenser stick to apply or pour out the serum), I like the scent which is like a blend of the plant extracts. It’s quite a concentrated serum so I just need a few drops. There are no parabens in this product.

I have only been using the serum for a few days and to my surprise, it actually shows results. In less than a week, my skin looks more radiant, softer and more supple in the mornings. I hadn’t expected to see any results in less than a month but sometimes, you do get unexpected results.

Currently, Yves Rocher has a Elixir 7.9 Diamonds Contest Promotion (from 1/4/11 to 30/6/11) whereby customers who purchase one bottle of Elixir 7.9 will receive a RM50 skincare product voucher and 2 Elixir 7.9 Diamond contest forms. The prizes are:-

2 x First Prizes                             Half Carat GIA Certified Diamond

10 x Second Prizes                      Diamond Pendant

20 x Third Prizes                          RM200 Yves Rocher Product Hampers

40 x Fourth Prizes                        RM100 Yves Rocher Product Hampers

60 x Fourth Prizes                        RM50 Yves Rocher Cash Voucher

Yves Rocher outlets are located at Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Suria Sabah, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre & Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang. The Elixir 7.9 is 15ml (no mistake there, it’s half the size of most other serums) and retails at RM169.