XIXILI Spring/Summer Showcase : Night Walks 2015


Finale of XIXILI Night Walks

The night came to life with another spectacular array of XIXILI’s Spring/Summer showcase and a generous sneak peek into the upcoming Autumn/Winter  collection. Dark, mystical jungles served as an inspiration for this year’s XIXILI lingerie fashion show themed XIXILI Night Walks : In The Wilderness, We Walk Alone. The aptly dim, chic and contemporary space at Black Box, Publika played host to this much anticipated event on the evening of 26th May 2015.

XIXILI Opening Number - Body Art Performance by ballerina

Ethereal fog dissipated between the hedges and into the stage t accentuate the mystical and surreal atmosphere. The evening kicked off with a ballerina donned in XIXILI lingerie an delicate body art paint slinking through the woods, hypnotizing everyone with her sheer movement and grace.

 Hair & Makeup Final Touch by Shu Uemura & Number76

Renowned stylists from the official styling partners for the show took to the stage to add their magical touch to complete the mystical transformation of the ballerina. Lisa Yap, International Elite Artist & Education Manager from Shu Uemura and Hikimoto Yuko, also known as Ms Hikky from Number76, Director Stylist at Number76 Publika wowed the audience with a live on-stage demo.

Superwomen of the wilderness: Fashionable lingerie collection featuring exotic python, safari leopard and striking floral prints at XIXILI Spring/Summer Showcase


Safari Jungle Inspired Collection, Simone

Latest XIXILI Collection, Adele

Model working the runway in AW Collection, Luna

Strutting the runway were 10 gorgeous models donned in XIXILI’s latest collections and some yet to be launched collections. Fashionable exotic python prints, safari leopard patterns and striking floral designs were all featured through the array of lingerie pieces. Number76 hair salon took to the challenge to style each and every model with an impeccably wet and messy hair look. Meanwhile, Shu Uemura make up artists created a stark contrast by complementing the dark hair with nothing more than a nude and earthy palette for the face topped with deeply accented eyes. Each model was further accessorized in opulent tribal neckpieces, elaborate bangles and ankle bells that sounded with each step. A mysterious, exotic and fiercely bold superwoman of the wilderness was the inspiration for the show.