Wycon Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Red Cherry


dsc_5491Time to post some reviews on Wycon makeup as their first Asia store is opening right here in Mid Valley Megamall this Thursday 16 May. The best thing about the products is they’re not going to be out of most people’s budget. The second best thing is that there are so many choices and you can get practically any shade you want. Wycon Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick has a matte finish and my shade for this review is Red Cherry.

dsc_5490This is the shade you want to go for if you want a bright red bold, vibrant/vivid shade. Not the shade I would go for but I believe some people will love this shade. It really does last for hours without fading but I find it a bit too drying for me. It may not be as drying for other people but this can be remedied by applying lip balm under or over it. You won’t be disappointed with the performance of this lipstick as it is highly pigmented.