Wycon Cosmetics To Open Its First Asia Store On 16 May 2019 At Mid Valley Megamall



Founded in 2009 by Gianfranco Satta, an established entrepreneur in women’s cosmetics and Raffaella Pagano, a product manager with extensive knowledge in the makeup industry, Wycon Cosmetics, the market-leading Italian beauty brand is set to open its first store in Asia on 16 May 2019 at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

The brand offers an entirely Made In Italy cosmetics line comprising of Makeup, Skincare and Bodycare, an assurance of only the highest quality, textures and formulas on each product. Incorporating the key values of innovation, novelty and colours in all its product range, the brand has continuously produced and provided cutting-edge and cruelty-free products to everyone of all ages and skin colours.


Holding on to the philosophy of “Show the world who you are, without fear, and never hide away”, Wycon believes that makeup highlights your character and gives everyone the courage needed to break the mould from being who you want to be. Everyone is beautiful and unique.

Wycon’s philanthropically-inspired mission is to provide accessibility to everyone to enjoy the luxury of high quality beauty products at an affordable price through its direct supply chain. No one should be excluded as beauty holds no prejudice, it is universal and democratic.