Wycon Cosmetics Lip Oil Is A Salve For Dry Lips



One of the Wycon Cosmetics products that caught my attention was their Lip Oil. An innovative elixir designed to protect the delicate structure of the lips, this lip oil is a true concentrate of precious ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, providing an antioxidant, nourishing, moisturising and polishing action.

The mango butter in the formula, is a real treat for your lips, protecting and repairing them; the extract of Acmella oleracea flowers provides a relaxing anti-ageing treatment for the tissues, giving elasticity and softness and a natural filler effect.

dsc_7478dsc_7497The sensory texture, with its base of a special mix of oils, waxes and emollient esters, is comfortable and velvety. As it dries it nourishes and releasing a fully moisturises the tissues the lips with a sensual film that makes the lips look more voluminous and smooth.

I applied it on my lips and immediately felt the hydration. It’s really good for nourishing dry lips and works much better than any lip balm. It’s an excellent primer for lips and I would certainly need this if I am using matte lipsticks.


–          VITAMIN E: with antioxidant action

–          KARITE BUTTER: moisturising action

–          MANGO BUTTER: nourishing, protective and repairing action

–          EXTRACTS OF OLMERACEA ACMELLA FLOWERS : relaxing and anti-ageing action

–          JOJOBA OIL: protective action

Ideal as a treatment and as a base for WYCON COSMETICS LIQUID LIPSTICK. Wycon Cosmetics Lip Oil retails at RM53.