WOLO Bukit Bintang



This afternoon, I was introduced to WOLO Bukit Bintang, given a tour of the rooms and facilities. WOLO is a chic and interesting boutique hotel with less than 200 rooms situated smack in the middle of the shopping area of Lot 10 and Pavilion. It doesn’t get much more convenient than this location as there’s public transportation within a stone’s throw of the hotel.

The reception area is very colourful as there’s a mural made with recyclable materials. Room rates are very affordable and can be as low as RM250 and that can sometimes include buffet breakfast provided by Tous Les Jours. While waiting at the reception area, I noticed that most of the guests are young Asians probably in KL for a few days. One of them was carrying the biggest L’occitane bag! Who wouldn’t be shopping when there are so many retailers less than 5 minutes’ stroll away?

The cheapest rooms available at WOLO are those without windows. One might feel slightly claustrophobic in such rooms but if you aren’t spending much time in the room other than to tidy up and sleep and you are only staying a night or two, why not choose this type of room as it’s likely that it’d be night time by the time the avid shopper or sightseeing tourist gets back to the room.


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The rooms are well stocked with irons and ironing boards. Hair dryers are in a cloth bag marked “Hair Gun” and it goes on further to say “Take this home with you for only RM100 or leave it here for free”. There’s a sense of humour in just about everything including on the sachets of white and brown sugar and bars of soap. The sink is cleverly concealed and the washroom and shower unit are in separate cubicles. I much prefer separate cubicles as I don’t have to wait for my room companion to finish in the washroom if I want to have a shower and vice versa. While the rooms may seem slightly spartan to some, they are very functional as they have all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

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There’s a workout area on the 3rd floor, I won’t call it a gym as it isn’t big enough to qualify as a gym. Still, one can work up a sweat here and burn those calories after a hearty meal in the hotel’s vicinity. Business guests can avail themselves of the meeting room seating 10 pax. Drinks and light food can be catered from Tous Les Jours downstairs. How convenient is that, no slacking off from the meeting.

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Guests can have a relaxing evening at the cigar and wine lounge located at the reception area. There are comfortable couches where one can sit back and enjoy a bottle of wine. I love the tortoise foot stool in the lounge.


WOLO has an event area called The Stage, it can accommodate 50 pax standing. I think that this is a much better event area than the Penthouse where yesterday’s Pure Beauty launch was held as that room was okay for a maximum of 20-25 pax but with the number of guests yesterday, it did feel hot and confined.

Small though WOLO may be compared to other KL hotels but WOLO has personality and individuality. It’s a little quirky and generally quite charming. The advantage of staying in a small boutique hotel is you don’t have to wait at all to check-in or check-out. Room rates are reasonable especially during low season and although the hotel doesn’t have a car park, most guests would have not driven there. I do get the artistic ambiance when I took the tour of the hotel, it’s small in size but big in allure.

Corner of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
T +603 2719 1333  Corner of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
T +603 2719 1333