What Do Malaysian Women Want In Their Body Lotion?



Since we live in a perpetual hot and humid climate, I think it is safe to say that most of us want our body lotions to be light yet hydrating. The last thing we need after stepping out of the shower and applying our body lotion is for our skin to feel sticky and it’s a good feature of a body lotion too if it is easily absorbed into our skin.

Johnson’s® Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ has just these features. A Johnson’s® consumer study conducted on 212 Malaysian women with regard to the Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ revealed that 97% of the respondents agreed that Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ absorbs readily into skin and 94% reported zero sticky sensation after application. Additionally, 95% of the women said their skin felt refreshed and revitalized after using the gel lotion.


The lotion is infused with ocean minerals and red algae extract which has been proven to help skin cells absorb oxygen. Local actress and tv host Scha Alyahya was present during the recent launch of Body Care Oxygen Fresh™. In this range also is the Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ Powder with a cooling essence.

Those who are interested in the Body Lotion can visit www.facebook.com/JBC to get a discount coupon. With the coupon, buyers can get RM5.00 off the purchase of any Johnson’s® Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ Lotion 400ml/RM17.90 or RM3.00 off the purchase of any Johnson’s® Body Care Oxygen Fresh™ Lotion 100ml/RM7.10. Coupons are valid from 23 July 2013 to 30 September 2013 while stocks last.