Weekend Staycation At Sleeping Lion Suites

Infinity Pool
Other than the convenience of proximity to KL’s major malls, the view from Sleeping Lion Suites is fantastic

Checking in at Sleeping Lion Suites on a Saturday afternoon, I thought it must be the most popular hotel in town as there was a huge crowd at the lobby and to check-in, you have to take a number from a machine, much like at the bank. However, with 6 check-in counters, check-in is really efficient and the wait is quite minimal. What puzzled me though is that not all who were waiting there checked in as people who were already there when I arrived were still there after I had checked in. I thought I was at a bus terminal rather than a hotel.

That there should be so many people at Sleeping Lion Suites comes as no surprise as the hotel is strategically located, literally a stone’s throw from the back entrance to Fahrenheit 88 and if you are in KL to shop, then Sleeping Lion Suites is THE best choice as room rates are much lower than the other famous hotels along Bukit Bintang. In my opinion, I’d rather stay in a comfortable hotel that’s budget-friendly since I can have more money for shopping unless my intention is to stay in the hotel all day and use every facility they have.

There are a few elevators which is completely necessary as during peak times, it can feel like an interminable wait and it can be a bit long riding in the elevator as guests enter and exit on the various floors. The 37th floor is where everyone ascends to as that is where the infinity swimming pool is located and where you get the best view of the city centre.

Thought I would have to wait a long time to check-in but the check-in staff are so efficient
Room on 27th Floor with king-sized bed
Nice light display at TV area
Not much of a work table, more like dressing table with low stool
Washroom is rather cramped with hardly any space at sink area

We were allocated a room on the 27th floor with a king-sized bed and while the room itself had adequate space, the bathroom felt cramped and the sink area could have had more space. I felt that there wasn’t even enough space to place the toiletries for 1 person, let alone two. The shower area is also tight and there is no rail to place towels. You have to place your towel on top of the shower door. Fresh towels are placed underneath the sink and that’s where I stored my used towel as there was simply no where else to store it.

There’s a mini fridge which is empty but useful for guests who want to store cold food, there are two bottles of water. You’d have to buy additional water at a convenience store nearby or boil water. Much like a light switch, there are switches for “Do Not Disturb” & “Tidy Up Room”. I wouldn’t say the bathroom is that well equipped with amenities. In the shower stall, there’s conditioning shampoo (no separate conditioner) & body wash. By the sink, there’s hand wash but no body lotion. The tube of Hand Soap looks very worn out and tired, needs to be replaced.

In the shower stall there’s body wash & conditioning shampoo
Hand Soap

The highlight of Sleeping Lion Suites is on the 37th Floor where the Infinity Pool has plenty of sun beds. The Sky Bridge overlooks KL’s concrete jungle. You can see The Exchange TRX, Jalan Imbi, KL Tower & the whole of Jalan Bukit Bintang. It’s more picturesque at night when the lights come on and you can see KL Tower’s lights change colour. There’s a Yoga Deck (no yoga though) where guests can sit and watch the lights at night.

The Sky Bridge is great for wefies
KL tower in the background
Well equipped gym
Infinity Pool

Breakfast wasn’t included in this staycation but as the hotel is so centrally located, that wasn’t a problem at all. Just less than 5 minutes’ away, there’s a mamak stall with excellent roti canai and tosai. It is located directly opposite Grand Harbour at Fahrenheit 88.

Overall, it was a good stay as the bed and pillows are comfortable, there is ample parking at the hotel with easy access to the lobby. They charge RM10 flat rate per entry if you are a hotel guest. Just get the ticket endorsed at Counter 6 at the reception, there’s no need to get a ticket to queue.