Watsons Summer Harvest Shampoo & Conditioner


Looking at the number of house brand products in Watsons, there has to be a reasonably large number of people who go for them, perhaps because of their lower price point than well known brands. Some of Watsons house brand packaging is very simple and plain, just look at the shampoo and conditioner bottles above. Nothing fancy at all, no graphics to grab your attention.

Their Summer Harvest Shampoo and Conditioner come in 400ml rectangular pump bottles. Both the products have a floral citrus scent and are enriched with natural Orange Essential Oil. The scent is a combination of bergamot, orange, rose and lily. I really like the scent as it’s so pleasant and refreshing.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I like about the products as the shampoo doesn’t clean my scalp adequately. My scalp starts to itch the very next day after the shampoo. Maybe that’s why it’s a frequent wash shampoo, you can use it everyday since you’ll feel the need to use it everyday.

As for the conditioner, it’s an okay shampoo. Softens hair to a certain extent but no “wow” factor here. The shampoo and conditioner come in 2 other scents – Garden & Forest. They retail at RM18.90 but are quite often on discount.

Note : Products are press samples.