Vladimir’s Place KL Grand Opening



Many may heard about Russian traditional foods but have had little opportunity to try them. Introducing Vladimir’s Place, a new Russian restaurant and bar, has opened in the single-storey floor retail space at Jalan Inai, offering the first true Russian restaurant option to the north end neighborhood of downtown Klang Valley. Vladimir’s Place is led by Chef Vladimir’s Anuchin (Russia) and Dmytro Koba (Russia), both have many years’ experience in the United States.






Vladimir’s Place has been open for less than one year and receiving good feedback. People have become much more sophisticated about what they eat and drink. Those factors increased the demand for an elevated dining and bar experience in this neighborhood hence the decision to launch Vladimir’s Place officially.  The restaurant is approximately 7,000 square feet, seats approximately 70 guests and features Vladimir’s extensive menu, including Vladimir’s Classic Russian Borscht with Sour Cream, Oliver with Chicken, Salmon Steak, Grilled Sea Bass with Vegetables and famous Dumpling with Sweet Cherry and Sour Cream Dessert.  Vladimir’s Place is unique, its contemporary décor provides the perfect environment for all dining occasions. Hours of operation are from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m Tuesday through Sunday.

Vladimir’s Place KL serves authentic Russian food as the chefs are from Russia

Prices are surprisingly a lot more reasonable than I expected of a Russian restaurant. You will also be pleasantly surprised when you see that the prices aren’t that expensive for a restaurant with such a nice ambiance and exclusive food:-

Pickles (cabbage, cucumber, tomato) RM13

Marinated mushrooms with Yalta onion RM11

Beef medallions with pepper sauce and mix salad RM31

Tender braised rabbit in sour cream with mix salad RM28.50

Beef stroganoff with forest mushroom sauce and potato a la Pushkin RM28

Pork steak with barbecue sauce RM26

Chicken Kiev cutlet with tender mashed potato RM26

Classic Russian Borscht Soup with sour cream RM16

Chicken soup with egg and homemade pasta RM15

Yellow pea cream soup with smoked meat RM16

Thick and classic Solyanka soup RM17

Dumplings with fried onion, mashed potato and sour cream RM18

Fish cutlet with mashed fresh green peas RM27.50

Salmon steak with cauliflower cream and steamed spinach with pine nuts RM28

Red salmon caviar sauce tagliatelle with salmon and broccoli RM23

Pancakes with stuffing of choice:-

sour cream RM14

red caviar RM16

Chef salted salmon RM14.50

mushroom julienne RM14.50

For reservations, you can call 03 2144 5636 or email info@vladimirsplace.com.my or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vladimirsplacekl