Veld’s Age 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Mask


velds-age-2o-anti-aging-maskA unique feature of Veld’s Age 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Mask is that it comes with an in-built spatula for applying the gel mask. To be exact, this is a hyaluronic acid gel which intensely replumps and firms the facial skin.

It’s used on damp skin for best results and after applying with the spatula, it is recommended that you use your fingertips to massage skin for a few minutes until water drops appear on the skin. It has astonishingly good results for me as I can feel much softer, smoother skin after the mask is left on for 10-15 minutes.

Definitely one of the more effective hydrating masks I have ever used. Works great for my dehydrated skin, replumping effect is seen and really combats dryness.

Product reviewed is a press sample