Unbox & Discover Returns More Wow than Ever


Samsung Malaysia Electronics invites you to Unbox & Discover 2023. More WOW than Ever, this livestream dives into Samsung’s vision and strategy with the promise of delivering connected and personalized experience while ‘Bringing Calm to Our Connected World’.

This livestream will highlight new screen experiences and together unleash the Wow Factor of 2023 lineup. Thanks to the redefined range of innovative devices all around us, our latest technology is set to transform the way we live by the day.

What to expect from Samsung’s Unbox & Discover Livestream?

On 12 April 2023, Samsung will reveal the latest role of screen experiences and innovations while bringing unrivaled usability to users’ daily lives. Providing utmost convenience and seamless connectivity with its new ecosystem, the event will feature Samsung’s Vision, ESG Keynote, SmartThings Lifestyle, Neo QLED 8K & OLED TV lineup, Gaming TV and Monitor Keynotes.

Be sure to tune in to Samsung’s Unbox & Discover 2023 livestream with us at Samsung Facebook and Samsung Youtube on 12 April 2023, Wednesday at 9PM (Malaysia Time) and get WOW-ed! Mark down your calendar by clicking ‘Interested’ at our Facebook event page. Do make sure to share with your family and friends!