Had To Try Zheng Gu Shui Because It’s Famous And Found Everywhere


dsc_8547To treat the wrist sprain, I had gone through 3 bottles of “dit da jow” which I bought from the neighbourhood Chinese medicine shop. Prices of this liniment vary from shop to shop. The cheapest I found was RM12 while others sold it at RM20 and even RM25. Zheng Gu Shui is also a herbal liniment and I guess it is very famous as it is available everywhere, from supermarkets, pharmacies to Chinese medicine shops.

Out of curiosity, I bought the smallest size which is a 30ml bottle. This liniment relieves qi and blood stagnation, promotes healing and soothes pain. It’s used to treat backache, sprain, strain, arthritis and bruises. Chinese herbs such as angelica bark and cinnamon root are used as well as cooling ingredients like camphor crystal and menthol crystal.

To be more effective, it is recommended to soak cotton pads in the liniment and apply to the affected area for an hour. It feels quite cooling and soothing with a rather strong herbal scent. So far I have applied it that way twice. Probably have to get a bigger size bottle to apply for a week in order to see results.