Tossing To A Year Of Abundance



By now, those of you celebrating Chinese New Year would have had your fill of all the delicious CNY dishes and snacks. Let the festivities continue! I was looking around for Yee Sang under RM30, came across a HungryGoWhere review where they mentioned the ones sold at AEON and Eu Yan Sang. I thought Eu Yan Sang would be a better option because I have tried the ones sold at AEON in previous years and don’t think much of it.

I checked out the EYS menu and they have jellyfish Yee Sang at RM28 + 6% tax = RM29.70 and it isn’t the prepackaged kind like what they sell at supermarkets. I was impressed that they could include jellyfish and yet keep it below RM30. This seems to be a different Yee Sang than the one mentioned on HungryGoWhere as the one they reviewed is RM27 without jellyfish.


This one comes in a red box with illustration of koi fish, lanterns and auspicious sayings. A packet of Bo Cui Crackers is included with the many ingredients.


If you like, add some salmon sashimi. There are plenty of packs to choose from at AEON supermarket. I got this pack for RM9.50, don’t need a lot as it’s just to add colour and some flavor to the Yee sang.


The portion won’t be enough for 10 pax but it’s definitely sufficient for 4 pax and more than enough for 2 pax. I like the inclusion of orange rind and everything tastes fresh, so much better than those prepacked supermarket varieties.

Let’s all toss to a Year of Abundance, wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness.