This Ting Ting Candyman Isn’t An Uncle


dsc_4556As the vet will be closed for 10 days from Feb 1st, I have had to stop by the vet to stock up on medication and toothpaste (which by the way is a LOT more expensive than toothpaste for humans!). Right outside the vet was a burly guy dressed in black selling the traditional ting ting candy on a bicycle. A group of young people had just bought a packet (or two?) from him.

Now I normally associate ting ting candymen to be seniors, in other words people we call “uncle”. But this guy could be working in a gym. I wouldn’t associate him as a ting ting vendor if I were to guess his profession. Made with white sugar, maltose, honey, I presume?

As you all know, the ting ting candy’s name comes from the sound of the hammer against the metal chisel as the vendor breaks the candy into small bite-sized pieces. I haven’t opened the nice packet yet (it cost RM6, not old time prices) and he weighed the packet before sealing it.

dsc_4557dsc_4555How’s that for a CNY treat!