Thymos Offers Sanitising Products For Sustainable Protection


dsc_2386A few weeks ago, I was talking for a few minutes to someone who had flu and shouldn’t have been at work. Although I kept my distance, obviously the distance was not far enough because the next day, I felt slightly ill with some flu symptoms. How I wish I had Thymos anti HFMD/Flu Spray with me the day I met the person with flu. Thymos offers a range of products which will keep you HFMD/flu, help with your allergies and make your shoes smell better/fresher. These products were introduced to the bloggers who attended the Guardian sharing session on First Aid at the Guardian outlet in Plaza Arkadia.

Unlike any other sanitiser, Thymos is the world’s most advanced sanitiser that works relentlessly around the clock to protect any treated surface of your choice from the most harmful bacteria and viruses, including the smallest virus ever found. 

Thymos generates a powerful shield by releasing negatively charged ions to protect you from direct contact to allergen materials and harmful pathogens. With activated mineral particle breakdown as small as 100,000x smaller than human hair, it can effectively penetrate any surface on Earth.


Thymos Anti HFMD/Flu Spray is a high-powered disinfectant specifically designed to help mothers provide an all-round total defence for their little ones by eliminating 99.99% Virus infectious diseases. This spray is clinically proven to kill all viruses completely. Mothers who bring their kids outdoors should not leave home without this!

The spray is a quick, yet long-lasting solution to unclean surfaces. The spray comes in a travel-size tube and can fit easily in your purse or in your desk drawer & forget about repeated sanitising to ensure the surrounding of your little one is free from infectious disease because the Shield lasts up to 10 days.

Spray 3-4 times this on any object and spread it evenly with a cloth or spray on your upper chest/shirt to effectively boost antibodies and prevent flu. That’s why I say I wish I had it with me when I was speaking to the person with flu.


Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray is a revolutionary solution that effectively reduces pathogenically induced allergies. The Spray is quick yet delivers 12 hours long-lasting protection against allergy all day long.

Using the finest high-quality of minerals, Thymos forms a shield around with Activated Minerals that will automatically be triggered and activated to protect when it comes in contact with air and light. The activated mineral particles generate bacteriostatic electron that destroys pathogens, and the growth or multiplication of pathogens.

It can be used three ways:

1. Wear it like perfume to boost antibodies

2. Spray on pillow/bolster to reduce Sinus Allergies

3. Spray in the air for instant relief from irritation

dsc_2383Thymos with unique patented, clinically proven formula generates a bacteriostatic shield around the shoes. 60 seconds is all it takes to remove embarrassing odours, eliminating 99.99% pathogens. The Spray is quick yet delivers 10 days long-lasting protection. It offers long term relief from Athlete’s foot, Nail Fungus & Smelly Feet. Keeps your legs and feet fresh and comfortable all day long.

The general antifungal creams, sprays & powders provide temporary relief, often infections recur a few weeks later. Over the years, the fungus will developed immunity and transform into antibiotic resistant that lead to complications and embarrassing odours.

Fungus live in your shoe, not your feet! The Anti Athlete’s Foot/Smelly Feet Spray kills 99.99% of pathogens in your shoe yet delivers 10 days long-lasting protection. The Spray comes in a travel-size tube and can fit easily in your purse or in your desk drawer & forget about repeated sanitising to ensure fresh feeling feet.

How to use Anti Athlete’s Foot/Smelly Feet Spray:

  1. Spray 4-6 Pumps Inside The Shoe

2. Spray Directly On Smelly Socks To Instantly Removes Odours

3. Spray Itchy Feet For Relief