THEFACESHOP Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask



Most of us have heard about the benefits of sleeping masks but some may be reluctant to use them because some sleeping masks may transfer on to our pillows. So far one of the best I’ve used is Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack_EX because it really did hydrate and brighten up my skin when I woke up.

I didn’t know that THEFACESHOP’s sleeping mask was called “Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask” until a few weeks ago. In fact, there’s also Raspberry Roots Fitting Essence and Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel. Raspberry Roots is from the Himalayas and said to be essential to promote collagen synthesis. We can all do with more collagen in our skins, who doesn’t want to remain youthful?


The Sleeping Mask is a very fluid and runny gel so you don’t need much as just a dollop is enough for the entire face. It feels a but cooling and soothing, dries up slightly within a minute of application and doesn’t feel sticky. No transfer to the pillow since it’s just a film on my skin.

I can see a thin layer of the mask on my face the next morning. My skin feels hydrated and looks dewy. I think one of the reasons why this mask is one of the brand’s top 10 bestsellers is it has a delicious scent, very fruity.

THEFACESHOP Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask retails at RM99.90.

Review is based on 50ml tube in THEFACESHOP’s 10th Anniversary Special Set.