The Mirror : A Short Story


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From my recent rants, you’ll have realized that beauty blogging is not all fun and games. There are lots of stuff I have to put up with which are against my ethical beliefs. Anyone who says the scene isn’t competitive has got to be kidding. It’s a fairly saturated scene, very crowded as a matter of fact and even before I started this blog, I realized there was an ugly side of beauty blogging. To be honest, the thought has even crossed my mind a few times that if I can’t beat them, I should join them. Anyway, here’s a completely fictional short story for your reading pleasure drafted by a non-blogger. Seriously, it isn’t drafted by me although I wish I am the author because when I read it, I was laughing out loud so hard I almost peed in my pants.

A Beauty Blogger stumbles upon an old and cracked mirror with a rusty frame hanging on the wall of an old dilapidated mansion which she was visiting. She begins to stare at The Mirror for a long time. The Mirror seemed to acknowledge her presence as it reflected her image. She decided that this was her opportunity to ask The Mirror that one important question that had been playing on her mind in recent months.

Beauty Blogger: Mirror, mirror on the wall, may I find out from you who is The Most Esteemed Beauty Blogger of them all?

The Mirror: The Most Esteemed Beauty Blogger of them all? You are all undeserving of “The Most Esteemed” title as you are motivated by arrogance, self-indulgence and greed …  All of you are constantly back stabbing each other, … snatching up products and freebies which are given out with impunity and disregard ….., and do you even review the items which you have been given properly? Some of you show up at events just for the goodie bags, and even have the audacity to leave the event within minutes, whilst the event is still in progress, …. is that not the epitome of your insolence and avariciousness? And then there are those of you who even sell off the gifts in the goodie bags for a tidy profit. As for ethics, clearly none of you have any …..

Beauty Blogger: But Mr. Mirror, I am different. I am not like the rest of them.

The Mirror: How so? Explain yourself.

Beauty Blogger: Since I am a Member of The Beauty Initiative, and so I must be The Most Esteemed of them all.

The Mirror: In order to be The Most Esteemed of them all, you have to show by your words and deeds that you are so, and not just pretend to be so. Actions speak louder than words.

Beauty Blogger:  But, Mr. Mirror, I don’t know how, I just kinda wanna follow the rest of them. I kinda follow the crowd, but then being with the “in” crowd is just so hip and cool. What’s so wrong with that? We kinda get to go to all the nice places and attend fancy events. We pose for as many selfies as we can at the events and immediately post the photos on our Facebook page and Instagram accounts so that we get many “Likes” and our followers increase. At the events, we get free door gifts and we are also given free food and drinks. We have a fun time during the events. But isn’t this sorta what the brands want from us bloggers?

The Mirror: Hmm ……. It appears that you may be beyond redemption…..

Beauty Blogger: Mr. Mirror, …please tell me how I can become The Most Esteemed of them all, …. I really wanna be … because without all of this, I would be so very unpopular and I would have no followers at all. Honestly, without all of this, I would be kinda lost actually. I won’t receive anymore door gifts and freebies, and I won’t be invited to any of the events ….. I will have no Facebook friends and no “Likes” at all ….. Who will wanna follow me?  Mr. Mirror, please, …. please ….. help me …..

The Mirror: Therein lies the error of your ways. Go home and reflect on what I have said and the answer will dawn upon you.

The Beauty Blogger walks away feeling very sad and puzzled. She was totally unsure of what The Mirror meant. She aspired to be The Most Esteemed Beauty Blogger of them all, but then the question was how?? How could she make her dream to be The Most Esteemed Beauty Blogger of them all come true?

By The Blue Flamingo  

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Copyright @ Juniper’s Journal


  1. The story is so true….I see some beauty bloggers getting a whole range of latest products but they only take a picture of the products with no price, details and explanation on their full function….so useless information!

    • But sometimes I wonder why I always get sidelined in favour of those with no price, details and explanation on their full function.