The History Of Whoo Hwanyu Cream


hwanyu cream

Every beauty brand has a premium range or product and for The History Of Whoo, it’s the Hwanyu Cream. The packaging certainly looks regal and when you look what precious ingredients Hwanyu Cream contains, you will appreciate why it costs as much as it costs. One jar costs as much as some brands’ entire skincare range.

This is The History Of Whoo’s most prestigious facial cream containing over 70 kinds of rare and valuable herbal ingredients combined with the 4 ‘Gun’ ingredients for eternal youth or failing that, to make you look 10 years younger. The 4’Gun’ ingredients are:-

1. Snow Lotus found on rock cliffs 4000m above sea level, takes 6-8 years to come into full bloom and is picked only during July and August.

2. Wild Ginseng older than 35 years.

3. Premium quality Siberian antlers.

4. Vegetable worms.

Features of Hwanyu Cream:-

  • Natural pine mushroom fragrance
  • Skin regeneration (improvement in fine lines and resilience)
  • Whitening effects
  • Moisturizng benefits
  • Reinforces blood circulation

The History Of Whoo Hwanyu Cream is 60ml/RM3205.