The Face Shop Chia Seed Special Kit



I’d never heard of Chia Seed until The Face Shop Chia Seed Special Kit came with last month’s Bag Of Love. I had to find out more from The Face Shop since all I could gather was that this is a range for hydration. This Special Kit contains a 30ml Chia Seed Watery Toner, 30ml Chia Seed Watery Lotion and 10ml Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Seed Cream. There are altogether 7 products in this range, the rest are Boosting Essence, Soothing Mist Toner and Moisture-Holding Seed Essence.

So what exactly is Chia Seed and what are its benefits? Considered as one of power foods, Chia Seed is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. Native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemela, its nutritious seed provides calcium and protein to body tissues. Also rich in boron, the seed helps the body assimilate and use up calcium. The seed can soak up ten times its weight in water.


This range is targeted towards men and women in their 20s who seek non-sticky skincare with full hydration and for those customers who seek faster absorption of moisture essence. The toner and lotion were not particularly outstanding but the Moisture-Holding Seed Cream really stood out for me and was the best and most unique product of the 3.

The Moisture-Holding Seed Cream is more like a gel than cream and it has a kind of light texture that doesn’t compromise on hydration. It contains freshly germinated chia seeds in water drops so that when it touches my skin, it feels like there’s a layer or film of hydration. It feels like a jelly texture, very nice moisturiser and one I would consider using long-term.