The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia : Summer Menu & Blast From The Past Games

Paper Fortune Teller

During the recent launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia Summer Menu, guests had a fun time trying their hand at “blast from the past” games such as Paper Fortune Teller, “Batu Seremban” and Jenga. It brought back memories of my primary school days when my classmates would kill time while waiting to be picked up by parents or the school bus by playing such old school games.

Paper Fortune Teller was one of our favourites as we could be creative and write whatever we wanted within the triangles. Of course part of the fun was in making the fortune teller itself which could be done with any square piece of paper in a jiffy.

Strawberry Haze and Lime Popsicle

On The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia Summer Menu are the Strawberry Haze & Lime Popsicle cakes, inspired by the popsicles of our childhood. Especially delicious is the Strawberry Haze, a strawberry mousse, delicious white chocolate that melts in your mouth and roasted crunchy hazelnuts.

Thirst quenchers
With Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Marketing and Innovation at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia
Guests at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Summer Menu launch
Summer Strawberry Merchandise

Guests had an enjoyable time at this launch as they could compete with each other while eating and drinking the great food and beverages.